Jim Willie: $15,000 Gold, $700 Silver And A Debt Jubilee!

How will the end game be played?


Editor’s Note: This is Part II of the interview with Jim Willie conducted on Thursday. Click here for Part I, on YouTube, or on Silver Doctors.


Jim Willie of Golden-Jackass interviewed by Half Dollar of Silver Doctors

Welcome back to Part II of this important Jim Willie interview.

In Part II, Jim and Half Dollar take a deep dive into the Gold & Silver markets, especially in light of all the institutional investing taking place right now.

Some of the topics in Part II include –

What is Jim seeing in the Gold & Silver markets right now?

The big players in Basel have signaled that they want a ten-fold increase in the gold price?

Will we even make it through the end of November, and what is President Trump doing to take out the bad guys?

For discussion on all of those topics and more, tune-in to the interview in its entirety.