Jay Taylor: Massive Stampede Mania is Coming in Gold & Silver!

Jay Taylor joins Eric Dubin & The Doc this week for a power-packed show discussing: 

  • Jay compares where the current gold & silver bull market is at, and advised investors that: In 1980 we had a massive stampede- a mania in gold.  We haven’t seen anything like that yet!
  • Endless happy days, a deflationary Greatest Depression, or a hyperinflationary collapsewhats coming for the US in the next 3 years? 
  • With gold crushed yet again on the Fed minutes’ release, Jay explains why the Fed’s con artistry is to keep people disinterested in gold with routine horrendous smackdowns 
  • Why Taylor believes the next leg up will be bigger than the 1970’s bull market, and will be the biggest percentage move in gold EVER!
  • Jay digs into Austrian economics discussing exactly how we’ve left the gold standard for a PhD standard, and explains why fiat money allows those who control the system to steal from those who create the wealth

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & Jay Taylor is below: 


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There’s a bull market in propaganda!  

Another Jackson Hole confab has come and gone.  There are times when these gatherings produce profound news.  Remember when Bernanke revealed that QE-2 was in the works?  That triggered what ultimately formed mainstream acceptance that dollar debasement was unavoidable, and we saw gold and silver reach their $1920+ and near $50 highs, respectively.  My how sentiment has changed.

The mainstream western financial world has been beaten into submission with what Jim Sinclair calls “management of perspective economics” and outright rigging of all major financial markets.  But the structural problems within western economies can’t be hidden.  That’s the most important story coming out of Jackson Hole — even though Chair Yellen would like you to think otherwise.  One does have to wonder how well she sleeps at night.  On the one hand she speaks of a continued economic recovery and overall health, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see major structural and systemic problems that Chair Yellen gives lip service to, especially when it comes to the labor market.  I addressed this in an editorial Friday morning:  “Yellen Bamboozling With B*llsh*t At Jackson Hole.”  Click on the title to read the editorial.

Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor:  Precious Metals Bull Market’s Biggest Gains Still To Come

It was a pleasure having Jay Taylor on this week’s show.  Jay has decades of financial market experience.  He participated in the precious metals bull run of the 1970s and early 1980s, and his current newsletter, J. Taylor’s Gold & Technology Stocks, started around the time I was running Microsoft’s MSN “Tech Stalker” model portfolio oh so many bubbles ago – now I’m really starting to feel old!

Jay is a consummate gentleman, well known and liked within the precious metals industry.  He interviews some of the brightest minds in the precious metals industry, and he also hosts Daniel McAdams from the Ron Paul Institute on a near weekly basis to discuss geopolitics.

Jay, the Doc and I addressed a number of subjects, including Rick Rule’s conclusion that we’re entering the greatest bull market cycle in the natural resource sector in Mr. Rule’s lifetime — especially for Jr. mining companies.  Jay also shares his take on the inflation/deflation debate, the importance of insurance protection precious metals offer, and the problems the US dollar will face going forward as its reserve currency status continues to weaken.

The News Doctors now syndicates Jay’s radio show.  Click here for this week’s podcast, which includes Jay’s Rick Rule interview, along with an interesting discussion with Bill Laggner about sovereign credit bubble collapse risk, David Jensen on the geopolitics of gold manipulation and of course, Daniel McAdams on geopolitics.

Anytime you want to listen to Jay’s latest interviews, click on his name over on the right side of The News Doctors or visit his website.   If you’d like to receive a free back issue sample of J. Taylor’s Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks, click here.

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Markets Update

The swan dive in oil continued this week, with the West Texas Light Crude benchmark crashing down to $92.50 on an intraday basis, Thursday.  It bounced on Thursday’s close, but fell again to close out the week at $93.37.  How’s the economy doing, Chair Yellen?

Meanwhile, gold managed to eek-out a tiny bounce Friday, closing at $1281.80.  Silver suffered a further beating this week, but buyers continue to step up and keep it from slicing through $19.  It closed at $19.40 end-of-day spot.  Tune into the show form more.

Geopolitical Reprise

If you missed my write-up for last week’s show and are following the situation with Russia and the Ukraine, click here.  The write-up remains as relevant today as last Friday.

Thanks for tuning in and have a great weekend — Eric Dubin, equities and geopolitical/global macro analyst and managing editor of The News Doctors;  I can be contacted via my Facebook page.

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