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marketsWith the Metals Hit Yet Again, Eric Dubin Goes On An All-Out RANT in This Week’s Show, Discussing:  

  • Why June Was the Most Interesting Trading Month in the Entire 15 Year PM Bull Market
  • Silver Open Interest EXPLODES Over 200,000 Contracts For the First Time in History! 
  • S.C. Shooting Kabuki Theatre As Elite Work to Fasttrack TPP & Obliterate the Constitution!
    No COMEX Expiration Raid?
     Implications & Conclusions
  • Rebooting of the Bull Cycle in Gold & Silver is Underway- Just Can’t See it on Short Term Charts! 
  • Eric Dubin Explains Just Exactly Who is Taking the Other Side of JPM’s Massive Naked Shorting of Silver, and Why a Genuine Shortage of Silver is Coming Directly Down the Pipe!
  • Why Things Are Shaping Up For a HOT Summer!

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Comex silver open interest backed off slightly as we closed the week, down 1167 contracts to 197,411, just shy of all time record highs.  This open interest and silver’s trading all month remains the most telling story in precious metals.  There’s an epic war going on in the Comex silver “pit,” with resolute, deep pocket longs willingly absorbing nearly all short contract issuance (that’s why open interest is going up over the last few months).

I make the case that we can already see from anecdotal evidence that a small but growing percentage of money managers from the conventional financial world know that it will one day not be profitable to assume that the Fed and other central banks will have their back, and that the bond market is already undergoing the process of interest rate “normalization” regardless of what Fed Chair Yellen babbles — and that catalysts could easily surface that make that “normalization” process shift into a chaotic higher interest rate move.

We’ve discussed the underlying fundamentals for precious metals on every show we produce.  I need not reiterate that material here.  But give this week’s show a listen because we put this highly unusual record Comex silver open interest into context.  What’s going on in the Comex silver “pit” sheds a great deal of light on overall precious metals trends.




One World Government In Context

I went off on an epic rant about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and I could have been more clear on my point about how best to understand what some people are calling a move towards a one world government.  It is indeed true that the United Nations and agencies and NGOs affiliated with the UN are usurping sovereignty.  We can see this in the climate change justified effort to impose carbon taxes on all developed nations — that is a form a taxation without representation, driven by a technocratic, bogus scientific consensus.  Agenda 21?  Check.  Another prime example:  the UN facilitated CODEX Alimentarius effort to regulate and standardize nutritional supplements as means of preventing competition to pharmaceutical companies.

The TPP has mechanisms that usurp sovereignty and concentrate power among corporate interests that have less focus on national identity than quarterly profit/loss statements.

But here’s the deal…  Understand that to actually have a single parliament of the world running things is to draw attention to the source of the problem!  It’s far more expedient to control the sheeple by empowering the perception of national sovereignty by preserving a great deal of government institutional infrastructure at the national level, unmolested.  Heck, it’s even handy to have the foil – the means of distraction – where those that draw attention to this usurpation of sovereignty fall into the trap of describing it as an end game with a singular world parliament dictatorial system.  Point to that as the end game and your arguments can be dismissed by those brainwashed by the mainstream.

There will be continued efforts to concentrate power within the UN.  Just as there have been continued efforts to concentrate power within the Brussels EU political establishment.  But with the latter, you can also see the same model:  e.g., the U.K. populous has the perception that they have sovereignty, and indeed, parliament operates and the U.K. has an independent monetary system, but ultimately with each passing year more and more control is seeded to unelected bureaucrats in the European Parliament.  The EU, and the UN both play the role of governing bodies, it’s just that they don’t control everything directly and likely never will – because that sort of game plan would actually work against the interests of the oligarchs that desire the sheeple to bleat complacently with remaining national governments.   Hopefully, this will make more clear what I was discussing on the show.

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