It’s Going the Other Way With A Vengeance: The Crucial Difference in Gold & Silver Markets


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The Royal Canadian Mint finally released Q1 sales numbers for 2016 Silver Maples, and they were a doozy: last year’s record demand of 8.9 million oz was smashed with an all-time record sales quarter of 10.6 million oz of Silver Maples!   

The Royal Canadian Mint is on pace to surpass 40 million oz in Silver Maple sales in 2016, which doesn’t even include the mint’s sales of Silver Cougars, Silver Superman Shield bullion coins, 10 oz RCM silver bars, or 100 oz silver RCM bars

The US Mint sold just shy of another million 2016 American Silver Eagle coins again this week, bringing the Mint’s 2016 sales totals to 22.8 million coins. 

Signs of Industrial Silver Shortage?  First Majestic CEO Keith Neumeyer shocked Bloomberg (and the rest of us) this week by revealing that a major Japanese electronics company is attempting to lock up future silver supply directly from First Majestic, citing silver supply concerns. 

We’ll keep an eye on this as Ted Butler has warned for years that industrial users will one day frantically horde physical silver in a panic over supply concerns, shattering the banksters’ grip on the white metal.

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