4Jason Burack joins Silver Doctors to discuss the bombshells from the FBI and Wikileaks that are killing Clinton’s campaign.
Even more damaging leaks may still be on the horizon.
Are we witnessing a COUP against Hillary!?!


Burack says FBI director James Comey should have indicted Hillary Clinton in July. By reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, Comey is trying to save himself, Burack says.

Latest Wikileaks is revealing corruption also in the media. Hacked emails show former CNN contributor and DNC chair Donna Brazile gave questions to Clinton before some primary debates.

But this leak about Brazile is insignificant compared to other revelations from Wikileaks, Burack says. He says the big news from Wikileaks really is the emails showing Clinton’s willingness to do anything for money.

Even more damaging leaks may still be on the horizon, Burack says. There are rumors the Clinton’s 33,000 deleted emails will be released before the election.

Finally, stay tuned to find out whether there is an internal coup against Clinton!

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