Final Preparations Being Made Now: Global Reset WITHIN MONTHS | Jim Willie

Jim Willie tells Silver Doctors China and Russia are making final preparations for the global reset. Here’s the details…

Jim Willie of Golden Jackass interviewed by Silver Doctors

In this interview, Jim Willie answers viewer questions!
– When the stock market crashes sufficiently do you think we’ll see panic buying of gold, silver, and cryptos?
– I’m an american expat who’s made China his home. I own $150 K worth of gold and silver and have a decent holding of CNY. After the USD loses its global reserve status, how do you see China’s economy being affected?
– How did Jim immigrate to Costa Rica and how hard was it? Does Jim feel safe there?
– If Venezuela, Qatar, Iran, China, Russia…have decided not to use the dollar,how is it the dollar hasn’t crashed yet and the interest rate gone thru the roof?
– How long before the interest rates catch up to the lag in the default of debt in the private sector, causing the cascade of defaults throughout the banking sector?
– Who is buying the bonds? Is the U.S. financing their own debt?
– How do you think it is going with the flipping of Germany to the east in a economic sense if not political. Do you still think this will happen?
– Please ask Jim what he thinks about JP Morgan stashing so much physical silver. Are they doing it to profit from higher prices or to cover their naked shorts when they short the paper market?