London Analyst Reveals His Trade for 2016: Short the Dollar By Buying Silver

dollarWith Gold and Silver Selling Off Violently to 5-Year Lows in the Aftermath of This Week’s Fed Rate Hike, Alasdair Macleod Joins Us From London, Discussing: 

  • Fed Hikes Rates, Markets React:  Impact On Silver, Gold, Bonds, The Dollar, & DERIVATIVES
  • Macleod Reveals His Trade for 2016: Short the Dollar By Buying SilverWhy Silver Could Easily TRIPLE in 2016
  • US Mint Calls it a Year at an Even 47 Million Silver Eagles
  • Why Control of the US Economy is in China’s Hands, Not the Fed’s! 
  • Alasdair Warns Commodity Debt is the Big Elephant in the Room- There is REAL DISASTER! 
  • Everything is Headed Towards a MASSIVE Reset! I Can See Everything Snapping at the Same Time!

The SD Weekly Metals and Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, and Alasdair Macleod is Below: 


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ZeroHedge has been having a field day this week, pointing out that the justifications for not raising interest rates a few months ago are indeed the exact same concerns incoming data is substantiating – yet Yellen & Company acted anyway, to heck with being “data dependent.”

The Baltic Dry Index hit an all time low this week, and outbound Chinese containerized shipping has cratered as well.  Thus far, U.S. holiday retail sales stink and areas were there have been pockets of retail strength such as auto sales have largely been driven by cheap credit.  The growing solvency problem in the credit market – especially in the energy sector and precariously positioned developing countries (e.g., Brazil, etc.) – would have sent the Fed into an easing mode bias 20 years ago.  No more.

By definition, we are moving through an “end game process.”  As the financialization of an ever increasing percentage of the global economy has taken place since ditching the modified gold standard in the 1970s, and as we have seen ever larger cycles of financial asset bubble inflation of our global economy only to require subsequently larger bubble blowing to reflate following crashes, the entire system has grown to incorporate massive structural problems.  The very fact that the Fed was forced to wait this long before attempting interest rate normalization is the result of just how screwed up financial markets have become, and how they’re distorting economic activity.



It’s been a wild week, and the thinly traded holiday period next week could very easily lend itself to intense volatility.  It’s noteworthy that the “DXY” dollar index has failed to take out 100 despite the Fed’s first interest rate move.  The Fed was forced to act to preserve credibility, but a growing number of conventional financial market participants are not buying the economic recovery propaganda.

We should be able to see a precious metals rally going into and through January.

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There will be no SD Weekly Metals & Markets show next week.  Happy holidays!  – Eric Dubin


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