Debt Bubble Becoming “Perverse and Immoral” | Jerry Robinson

Christian economist Jerry Robinson tells Silver Doctors that the debt will topple the U.S. economy. Here’s why…

Jerry Robinson of Follow the Money interviewed by Silver Doctors

Jerry says “That debt is not going away. And our children and our grandchildren are going to be faced with something perverse and immoral if we don’t change course.”

He says the problem with the country is the debt, and the debt problem is so enormous that it will be what ultimately brings on the next financial crisis.

Robinson also sees cracks appearing in the petrodollar system.

He says the U.S. will do anything to protect it’s global economic hegemony.

In addition to discussing the economic problems of the day, Jerry discusses the geo-political and religious problems dividing the West and the Middle-East.

Jerry Robinson ends with discussing ways to prepare for what everything from the coming financial crisis to even nuclear war.

Preparations are not just for the individual person, but for the betterment of society. Jerry lays out 5 levels of preparedness from the bug-out bag and supplies of food and water, to gold and silver stacking and having six months of emergency liquid savings.