Trump in a LANDSLIDE? “Business As Usual” Regardless of Election Outcome | James Corbett

trumpIt all comes down to this.  Can Trump Make America Great Again? 
Will Hillary drag America in Nuclear War with Russia over an oil pipeline? 
Whoever wins, James Corbett makes the case it will be “Business As Usual” as the Economic Collapse Rolls On…


James Corbett joins SD to expose the hidden power struggle for the White House. Corbett says the voting process does not reflect the will of the people. Instead, the candidates reflect the will of the elite, and the voting process shapes the will of the people.

Whoever gets into the White House, Corbett says things will be literally “business” as usual.

This U.S. presidential election features the two most disliked candidates in history. Most Americans are so upset by their options, they are not voting for, but instead are voting against, a candidate. Corbett believes this outrage and hatred is created by design. Around the world, the Power’s that Be are trying to create this outrage to be able to “divide and rule.”

As we face the collapse of the economy, Corbett says we must move away from hatred and move towards building unified communities. Stay tuned to here Corbett’s insight on how to create new communities that counter the pervasive hatred and division.

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