Near 30% CHANCE IT GETS NUCLEAR | Fund Manager

Dave Kranzler says Trump’s war-hawk cabinet appointments are concerning, especially since financial crises often lead to war. Here’s more…

Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics interviewed by Silver Doctors

The current economy has been driven largely because of household’s taking on debt. The economy is slowing because households are oversaturated in debt and cannot take on any more.

Trump’s hawkish cabinet appointments come at a concerning time. Financial crises often lead to war.

Could there be a nuclear conflict in the future? Kranzler gives it a less than 30-percent probability.

The S&P 500 closed below its 200-day moving average for the first time since June 2016.

Does this signal a trend change? Kranzler says the jury’s still out. He says we need multiple closes below the 200-day moving average before any conclusions can be drawn.