Operation Canada

As part of an ambitious goal to help our Canadian friends purchase bullion at US supplier prices, SD Bullion is taking bullion across the border ourselves.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Once every month, we are going to drive your orders across the border, through customs, and ship them from within Canada.

The benefits of the program are numerous and include:

  1. You are guaranteed that your packages will get through customs safely without confiscation.  We have mastered the border clearing process and we will make sure your order goes through without a problem.
  2. Your bullion order will not be subject to GST or HST as long as you purchase investment grade gold and silver.  Currently, the only products excluded from the Operation Canada program is 90% Silver.
  3. Very Low Shipping Prices.  All packages are shipped via FedEx Canada.

All Canadian orders will need to be placed and payment received by the third Friday of the month.  SD Bullion accept credit cards and bank wires for our international orders.  If sending a bank wire in CAD, there is a 0.40% currency exchange charge.  Orders will be shipped by the first Friday of the following month.  As demand increases, we will ramp up the frequency of deliveries and processing time.

Discounts are available for Canadian Coin and Bullion dealers and large/frequent volume purchases.


Current Shipping Specials


500oz of Silver

To Toronto, Ontario

Shipping only $49.99


1000oz of Silver

To Toronto, Ontario

Shipping only $79.99