Meet the Doctors

“The Doc”   President,


The Doc’s expertise and passion in finance, economics, and market history was developed over years of intense self-education. With his doctorate in the medical field, The Doc now seeks to help the common man restore his financial health by investing in physical gold and silver.
Doc has been long gold and silver since 2001, when he entered gold at $278 and silver at $4.75.  Even after seeing silver hit a 10-bagger from his initial investment in early 2011, The Doc remains a stronger silver bull than ever.  He is the lead commentator on providing insight on market breaking precious metal news.

BullRun   Vice President,

BullRun has been a successful investor in the equity market since 1996.  While the Doc was on his case trying to get him to invest in physical silver and gold since 2004 (soon after he met the Doc), it wasn’t until 2008 after the market took a dive did BullRun finally start investing in precious metals.
BullRun’s first purchase was AUY at 5.10 per share, followed by SLW at 5.41.  His first physical purchase was a couple months later, 100oz bars at $10.15 per oz plus a premium of $1.99.  His main responsibilities include the backend operations of and posting under “BullRun.”



AGXIIK  Guest Post Commentary

For the last 37 years AGXIIK has been in the finance, banking and credit field.  He was the top loan officer with  two of the largest commercial  business lenders in the country after a 5 year stint with  the premier commercial credit reporting agency in the world.

In 1992 he left  this  position with a community bank to start his own business in the field of brokering business loans to startup and expanding companies on the west coast.  This remains his present occupation but with the current economic events in the world today, AGXIIK devotes half his time to the studying and writing about  present economic issues and how they relate to the precious metals markets, personal financial safety and measures people can take to insure their well being.
As an avid reader of Silver Doctors and committed member of the ‘all in’ ownership of silver and gold he started buying in 2009 when silver was $18 and gold was $1,100.  Posting regularly on subjects ranging from PM prices to the Euro crisis, lending and credit,  he’ ramped up his studies of these markets to provide topical conversation  for Silver Doctor readers.  His article, “Preparing for the Worst” is a must read prepping document on


SRSrocco Guest Post Commentary

SRSrocco began investing and following the precious metal industry in 2002. Early education in the silver market was inspired by the work of Ted Butler.  Then, any data or information on silver that was published or posted on the Internet was studied to further understand the broad aspect of the silver industry.


However, as time went by, there was less original and insightful analysis.  SRSrocco began researching areas of the gold and silver market that have been left unexplored by the majority of the precious metal analyst community.  Some of these areas include, the study of declining ore grades, energy consumption and the falling EROI (Energy Returned on Invested) as it impacts gold and silver mining, primary silver mining statistics and analysis on break-even costs of silver.


SRSrocco began writing articles for financial Internet websites back in 2009 on these very topics.  His articles can be found on Financial Sense, Market Oracle, GoldSeek & SilverSeek, Wealthwire, TFmetalsReport and SilverDoctors.



And thank you to all the other active members and supporters of the SD community.  We are privileged to lead such a great community.