Yes, Silver Breached $17…No, I’m Not Excited

Something else happened this week in the market that’s so disgusting, it would be hard to get excited about $50 silver right now…

I wish I could get happy about the move in silver this week.

I can’t.

The problem is, one thing happened in the market this week that totally disgusted me.

It should disgust you too.

I’ve tried to explain it before, over and over again, but people just don’t get it.

Or they don’t want to get it?

I don’t know.

I’m not smart enough to know.

If you want to see just one of those many attempts to explain it, here’s a good place to start:

I understand people want hope, but I don’t want people to have false hope.

Which brings me to what got me totally disgusted this week, and yes, it’s on the same scope and scale of that article above that I wrote over one year ago.

Here’s the thing: On Tuesday, President Trump singled out people who make money to the downside in the “market”.

I’m referring to a Tweet, and specifically, this one:

If that doesn’t disgust you, I’m not sure what will.

For those how don’t know how short selling works, here’s a gross oversimplification of it: You borrow a share of a stock that you don’t already own, to sell, because you think the stock’s price is going down, and you must buy it back to give to the guy who loaned it to you, and you either buy it back at a lower price and get a cool profit, or you buy it back at a higher price and lose money.

What’s so disgusting about Trump’s Tweet?

It’s the perfect example of how extreme hypocrite a person can get.

Honest question: When you think about the “market”, what do you think about?

I don’t think about the Deplorables “investing” in the US stock market.

That’s for sure.

The Deplorables, by and large, are broke.

In fact, one could say they have negative equity when taking debts into account.

But I digress.

When I think of the “market” that Trump loves to talk about, brag about and boast about, even though Trump has said he “doesn’t watch” the stock market (which was a bold-faced lie), I think of share buybacks as an artificial way to boost share prices, I think of robo-trading HFT algos shaving pennies here and pennies there by the billions of dollars by front-running trades based on connection speed to the Wall Street exchange servers, and I think of the Fed pumping money into the stock market to enrich themselves and their very bestest buddies, which includes the usual revolving-door suspects that move between Wall Street and Washington with immunity (thus far).

That, is what I think about when I think about the stock market.

In other words, when I think about the stock market, I don’t think of the average American.

Said differently, the average American doesn’t own any stocks.

Now, on to the parts that show Trump being an extreme hypocrite.

Here’s Trump in 2014:

Isn’t that what short sellers aim to do?

Only, Trump doesn’t want to buy from mom & pop at the top, but rather, he’d prefer to wait until mom & pop get kicked out, so Trump can come in and scoop-up the property on the cheap:

Trump’s basically taking advantage of “short selling”, only in terms of real estate transactions.

That is to say, he’s borrowing to buy real estate, he’s selling at the top, and he’s scooping up the properties after they crash, on the cheap, colluding with the banks for the funding of the purchase of properties, either honestly or corruptly, most often probably the latter, but I’m willing to concede that every once in a while in rare instances it could be the former.

Furthermore, Trump himself brags about taking advantage of the destruction of household wealth, for his own good fortune:

Or is that not what he’s bragging about?

Pic for the record, in case he ever deletes his bragging:

Hopefully there are screenshots with back-ups of all of his Tweets out there, and hopefully that database is easily accessible by the public.

But I digress, yet again.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I think of housing, I think about everybody in one form or another using housing, whether it’s owning a home, renting an apartment, pitching a tent, living in a DIY camper van, or whatever.

Everybody must be involved in housing in one way or another.

So, who’s more evil?

Is the short seller who takes profits out of the rigged casino known as Wall Street, which Joe the Plumber isn’t even invested in anyway, more evil, or is the corrupt and multiple times bankrupt real estate “mogul” Trump, who lusts for and thrives on the destruction of American household wealth, which means the bottom 90% of Americans, also known as the former Middle Class, more evil?

While I’m surely not one to judge, it’s also not hard to mistake accidentally falling down while having fun ice skating for purposely getting hit in the back of the head with a two-by-four while walking down the street.

Here’s the problem: Everybody has to come to terms with the fact that they were wrong when they thought President Trump was actually a good guy.

Perhaps that moment will come when they realize Trump’s pushing mandatory, forced vaccines?

I don’t know, but I do know that, generally speaking, sooner or later, Trump will do something that crosses the line for every Freedom and Liberty loving American Patriot.

Side note: Readers of Silver Doctors may notice we don’t cover vaccines much, or 9/11 much, and the reason for that is because we already have a big enough battle with gold & silver, so we must pick-and-choose our battles carefully, and as circumstances have it, we’re constantly engaged in the fight for honest, sound money – Gold & Silver.

Yesterday, Dave Kranzler and I discussed, among many things, how short sellers in the stock market actually, and to the contrary of Trump’s contempt, provide several critical, important and necessary free-market functions:

Of course, when you don’t have free markets, well then, who in the heck needs critical, important and necessary functions?

Speaking of functions, the plunging gold-to-silver ratio is a function of silver vastly outperforming gold:

The plunge came yesterday and carried through today, with silver going out on the highs.

That’s bullish, if the charts matter.

I still don’t think the charts matter a whole lot right now.

I mean, how else do you explain how so many technical analysts out there keep making horrible call after horrible call?

Such as the one about the imminent plunge in the silver price:

Sorry for a second shameless plug within the same article, but since I haven’t engaged social media (Twitter) for months, thanks in advance for letting me say that Dave and I also discussed why silver isn’t really going to “crash” as the stock market crashes again.

Gold’s about to get really exciting again:

I think that excitement really begins in earnest when price breaks-out above $1800.

If we get follow through next week, platinum will be punching through its 50-day moving average early on:

Don’t listen to the “traders” talking about the precious metals as “commodities”.

Platinum will be the recipient of the flight to safety bid just the same as gold & silver will be.

Palladium will also be recipient of the flight to safety bid:

I wouldn’t be surprised if palladium lags the other three, however, in part because palladium has been so boss for so many years.

Somebody, anybody, please show the deflationists this copper chart:

Notice too, that fifty day moving average is slowly but surely getting turned around, and that is an indication that the era of deflation is over and the era of inflation, stagflation, and eventually hyperinflation has begun.

Crude oil is up big time:

At $30, however, and a global depression to boot, we’re still at the price of the US oil industry’s implosion.

And if the US is going to nationalize the oil industry, with so much blatant corruption in all political positions of any importance, well, we see how that worked out in Venezuela.

Just sayin’.

I’d say 0.6% is still the flavor of the month:

The question is, will we stair-step down, or will yield come crashing down?

If yield comes crashing down, that means the stock market will come crashing down too:

It looks like we’re rolling over here, and remember, the cartel can crash the stock market just as easily as they can smash the paper gold & silver price.

Of course, “traders” and “investors” haven’t a care in the world:

That complacency, however, will turn to fear on the quick.

I do not think that fear will translate into a huge move into the US dollar:

Even if there was a shortage of dollars, then don’t worry because everybody gets a bail out!

It’s a matter of what or how much a person or nation must give up in exchange.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this Beautiful Ides of May?

Anyone who can’t see Trump’s a hypocrite is in total denial.

Time and time again, we see example after example.

Since it’s about the market, I can’t just let it slide.

I want people to learn about the markets.

And not to live with a false hope.

That’s what Trump offers.

It’s rather disgusting.

It’s also putrid.

Is it vile?



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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