X22 Report Breaks-Down Marshall Swing’s July 20th Global Economic Collapse Call

Marshall Swing’s call may not be as far out in left field as many people think. Here’s why…

In a recent episode of the X22 Report, Dave looks at the many indicators that are showing that the economy is off the charts, and not in a good way.

After breaking-down the recent economic indicators that show the economy is not on solid ground, there is a good discussion of Marshall Swing’s latest call in which Marshall is targeting July 20th as the possible date that the global elite pull the plug on the economy.

For an independent look at why the call is not as far out in left field as many people have said, the X22 report below is a great way to get thinking about just what the elite may have in store for us as we drive though 2018.

Here this X22 Report in its entirety below: