Will Trump Apologize For Not Ending The “Russian Witch Hunt” When He KNEW It Was Wasting Billions And RUINING Lives, Yet Trump Himself Said He Could Have Ended It At Any Time?

The hypocrisy from Trump today has gone to eleven…

(by Half Dollar) I’m trying to have a good week.

I really am.

But the hypocrisy has gone up to eleven.

How so?

Well, Trump just said this:

Lives ruined huh?

Well, I suppose, but it’s not like Trump didn’t know about lives being ruined for a very, very long time:

And not only did Trump know about lives being ruined, perhaps more disturbing is the fact that Trump could have saved lives.

But don’t take ‘Ol Half Dollar’s word for it, read it from President Trump himself:

Here’s the thing: Trump is an actor and a salesman.

He’s acting like he’s doing good things for the nation, but he’s selling what’s left of the nation down the river.