Why Do We Have Fiat Money, And Who Benefits From It?

Use their own weapon against them. As they continue to suppress the prices of gold & silver with their unlimited paper fiat, they…

by Gregg at Right Reason

Why do we have fiat money? Who benefits the most from it?

Ask yourself this? What is the best form of money ever discovered on planet earth? 

Or maybe we should instead be asking ourselves, best for whom? That is the real question.

First off lets define “fiat”. Fiat means money created by law or decree with no inherent value. The form(physical or digital) itself has No real value. Example; a $1 dollar bill has the same amount of paper and ink as a $100 dollar bill. Only real difference is a couple more zeros. Kind of stupid if you think about it. The paper itself has no real value, nor does the ink. In contrast a gold filled note (like this one) has a verifiable stated weight and fineness of real, pure gold, a scarce and inherently valued(in every country on earth) element mined from the earth at great expense of capital, material and labor. The pure gold filled note contains something of real, recognizable value and the paper note? Not so much. Which would you rather have?

Lets analyze, do certain people or groups benefit more from fiat money than others? For sure, that fact is indisputable. Fiat money always benefits the people at the top of the system it is used in, the most. In contrast, Hard money(gold and silver) benefit all equally. That makes it obvious why the people at the top are opposed to it. It’s use takes away the majority of their ability to rob and control their subjects, which is always their real goal, regardless of their endless lies to the contrary.

The process of creating fiat money out of literally nothing of real value means fiat money ALWAYS lose its value, or purchasing power. Inflation is the most insidious and destructive result of fiat money. It comes about as a result of ever more creation of fiat diluting the value of all existing fiat. It disproportionately(and by design) robs the majority of the people at the bottom of the system. As a result they grow steadily poorer and poorer over time. The people on top(also by design) get richer and richer, amassing more and more of the real assets and power in any given society. Inflation is very beneficial if you get the newly created fiat money first and put it to work for you. However, it is extremely detrimental if you don’t have that option and it works against you instead, which is what the vast majority of the people face in the system.

On the flip side, in a hard money system the purchasing power of the money is retained and also steadily increases as steady improvements in technology lower the price of goods and services, over time. As a result, you get “richer” as the buying power of your money keeps increasing. It holds its value(unlike all fiat), due to its inherent scarcity or rarity and its purchasing power steadily increases at the same time, thanks to technology. Win- win.

So what are the main arguments of using gold and silver as the only form of money? Are there any valid arguments that don’t come from just the ruling class and their paid lackeys? In short, NO!!! Gold and silver can and should be universal money on planet earth, which would then provide the greatest benefit to the most people. Who would lose out? The evil scum at the top would then lose their greatest tool in robbing and oppressing the rest of us. There is already plenty of above ground, mined and refined gold and silver to meet the entire world’s money needs. Thanks to modern technology and manufacturing processes it can be infinitely(think Bitcoin) divided to facilitate all trade in goods and services. All it would take is to revalue those metal stocks to equal the current money out there. But don’t revalue into current currency units. That would be foolish.

Instead you would have No more dollars, yen, euros, yuan, rubles, etc. No more national, political and divisive units of money. Just pure gold and silver in various forms of stated weights and fineness. Every unit of physical stored value could and would be universally accepted in purchases all over the planet. No more financial games between trading and manipulating various currencies. The financialization of the global currency system would end. 

Money shouldn’t be different in every country and political system, thereby creating division and strife. It should be the same, creating unity, equality and peace. It could take the form of physical gold and silver coins and bars or gold or silver filled notes, easily created with modern technology. Distance purchases and transfers can easily be addressed by systems like Kinesis money, where the new power of blockchain verifies transfer and value, instantly, anywhere on the planet. Gold and silver backed “Credit cards” can easily be tied to this type of system also, making purchases easy and convenient.

In short, there is no “good” reason not to make the switch from fiat to hard money unless of course you are one of the evil thugs who loves to control and rob your neighbor.

Gold and silver money is “The WAY” to a new world based on honesty, mutual respect and love for each other. Time to make a change for the health of our world. And the cool thing about it is each one of us has the power to make this happen, right now. You don’t need permission from your masters. Fuck them! Just take your fiat from whatever country you happen to live in and go trade it in for pure gold and silver in whatever physical form is available or that appeals to you. Concentrate on buying silver first to break the system even faster since it is the systemic Achilles heel. It’s as easy as that. If enough of us do that we will win! We will break the power of the vile, oppressive, self-serving governments, rulers, banks and corporations, taking away the main tool of subjugation they have over us. And we can do it peacefully and honestly.

Use their own weapon against them. As they continue to suppress the prices of these PRECIOUS METALS with their unlimited paper fiat shit they make it easier for us to break their system. How ironic is that? Lets do it!!