The central banks are hiding the massive inflation in energy prices, so it makes sense they’d use this false flag to…

 by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan

Because the Colonial pipeline is now offline due to an alleged cyberattack, the ruling class has scrambled for an answer. Who’s to blame? Russia, of course.

Even though most of us are beginning to see through the facade, they are still trying to push agendas.  The central banks are hiding the massive inflation in energy prices, so it makes sense they’d use this false flag to benefit them from all sides. So in addition to hiding hyperinflation, they get the added benefit of destroying the economy and running out of gas and diesel to deliver food to people all while ramping up tensions with Russia.


It’s hard to believe that even though we can see through it, the masses are still blind. It’s time we apply critical thinking and this one “attack” checks off several boxes for their agenda.

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The mainstream media has made sure they blame Russia:

According to an unnamed “former senior cyber official” who spoke to CNN, the group “originated from Russia” and “typically targets non-Russian-speaking countries.” A London-based cybersecurity firm told the BBC that the gang is “likely to be based in a Russian-speaking country” since it “avoids” companies based in the Commonwealth of Independent States, comprised of some post-USSR countries. –RT

NBC News reported that the hack was a “criminal scheme” and not an attack by “national adversaries,” but qualified the remark by saying that Russian hackers “often freelance for the Kremlin.” A Washington Post report stated much the same thing, despite there being “no known foreign government nexus.”

“If the culprit turns out to be a Russian criminal group, it will underscore that Russia gives free rein to criminal hackers who target the West,” Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder of the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, told NBC. CrowdStrike, which counts House Speaker Nancy Pelosi among its investors, was the first to sound off on unfounded “Russian hacking” claims in 2016.

Even Joe Biden said there’s “no evidence” Russia was involved with this pipeline cyberattack, but Russia still bears some of the responsibility. Which is is, Sleepy Joe? “So far there’s no evidence from our intelligence people that Russia is involved,” Biden told reporters. However, he followed that statement by saying that the ransomware used “is in Russia,” and Russia, therefore, has “some responsibility to deal with this.”

The ruling class will stop at nothing to start a war with Russia. It’s been in the works since the election in 2016. They also need to destroy what’s left of the middle class (that still exists after lockdowns) and control the supply of food in order to get people to beg for their own enslavement.  There may not have ever been a more perfect false flag.