Who Will Win The Streaming War In 2020?

Apple, Disney and Netflix are armoring up to win the streaming wars…

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December 17th, 2019

Media Legend Tom Rogers Enters the Streaming War

He’s a media legend known for media mega deals.

Not only did he revolutionize media as the CEO of TiVo…

He also brought BOTH Netflix and Amazon to the TV screen.

He even revolutionized business news coverage through the creation of CNBC.

In fact, he’s a regular guest on CNBC… as wells as Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV, and MSNBC.

And, just now, Tom Rogers just announced his latest new media deal

He just announced the combination of 3 companies to dominate the gaming and esports streaming industry.

Lesley Stahl of CBS News, in announcing his induction into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame, said, “Rogers is a guy who gets things done… and he transforms companies along the way.”

And he’s about to transform and turn Torque (TSX:GAME.V, OTCMKTS:MLLLD) into the next big media company.

How?  Engine Media Holdings… the combined company will have access to over 100 million active users, making it even more attractive for its clients, which include Microsoft, Google and Nielsen. .

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Multiple billions of dollars are being spent to weaponize the entertainment industry’s streaming war, but there’s a new front line in this epic battle that’s gone unnoticed.

It’s the $200-billion gaming sector…

Where the celebrities make just as much …

The stakes are even higher…

And the battle is even bigger.

Apple, Disney and Netflix are armoring up to win the streaming wars by wooing the most subscribers, but in the gaming sector, one little-known company has created a new front line.

The winner takes all in this contest, and the prize is worth much more than subscriptions.

The weapon is data, and the prize is a near-monopoly on streaming data.

The little-known company is Torque (TSX:GAME.V, OTCMKTS:MLLLD), and it’s already secured a dominant position in data analytics for the gaming sector through its acquisition of Stream Hatchet.

Twitch is retail giant Amazon’s video-streaming business that already has 15 million daily active users and is the gamer’s version of Youtube.

In the esports segment of the massive gaming sector, Torque’s Stream Hatchet is already bursting at the seams with data.

That’s because it’s one of the leading data options in the entire sector. The massive advertising revenues depend on this data, and Stream Hatchet is the only game in town.

5 Reasons To Keep Your Finger on the Trigger of Torque:

#1 The Data Edge

In other words, it’s become a strong player in data to the point that anyone in the industry who wants to grow their game may likely have to go through companies like Torque at some point. Torque’s (TSX:GAME.V, OTCMKTS:MLLLD)  Stream Hatchet is the single thing standing between the $200 billion gaming industry and everyone’s ad revenues.

Torque’s Stream Hatchet has just taken all the mystery out of the decision-making process for the video game industry by leveraging data.

It’s capturing EVERYTHING. That means all data from everything from Twitch, Facebook Gaming and Youtube Gaming to Smashcast, Mixer, Huya and much more:

It’s covered all bases when it comes to data streaming.

That’s over $1 billion just in esports revenue that Stream Hatchett is leveraging for the top companies in the wider $200-billion gaming industry.

And they’re not done yet:

Next up, they’re planning to pursue the goldmine of data for the entire gaming industry, the entire sports industry, and holy grail entertainment industry where a massive streaming war is hitting fever pitch right now.

#2 Formula 1 Brand Meets Streaming Giant

Torque (TSX:GAME.V, OTCMKTS:MLLLD) doesn’t only have a dominant position on gaming data analytics, it’s also got a partnership with the Formula 1 brand.

Torque acquired Eden Games, the developer of the wildly popular F1 Mobile game that’s been downloaded 13 million times since its launch just last year. Last year Formula 1 boasted an audience of over 1.7 billion, with nearly 500 million unique users.

When you bring together a competitive streaming data player and a brand like Formula 1 and put them on Twitch, with its 15 million daily users that Amazon is using to challenge Youtube for supremacy—you get a major powerhouse.

It’s another data coup for Torque because it just used Twitch to cash in on another massive audience for Formula 1: The younger generations.

The average Formula 1 fan is 40, while the average Twitch audience is 21.

So, on one hand, you’ve got Twitch, which is the go-to platform for the younger demographic, with exploding data that has sports rights holders eyeing it as their key content outlet while traditional channels are getting squeezed.

On the other, you’ve got Torque, with Stream Hatchet—a leading industry player for providing data to rights holders, agencies and sponsors.

This is where the streaming war gets real.

#3 Minting New Celebrities Who Earn More Than Anyone Else

Gamers are the new celebrities—and they stand to take home even more money.

17-year-old Emil ‘Nyhrox’ Bergquist Pedersen and 16-year-old David ‘Aqua’ Wang took home the grand prize of $3 million in the Fortnite World Cup in July this year.

The top racers in Torque’s (TSX:GAME.V, OTCMKTS:MLLLD) World’s Fastest Gamer take home a combined prize worth $1 million.

Twitch has turned gamers into celebrities, and the fashion industry has followed.

Even Nike and Adidas are endorsing gamers in online tournaments watched by millions.

Esports teams are selling for tens of millions of dollars…and the stars of this sports niche are earning a cool million every month. That’s more than the top MLB players.

This is the new reality of sports, and it’s fueled by young, internet savvy enthusiasts who spend a collective 6.6 billion hours watching their favorite players.  And this overlooked industry is forecasted by some analysts to get even bigger.

By next year, tech consulting firm Activate forecasts that 70 million people will watch a single esports final.

And by 2021, esports is set to have 84 million viewers.

This is the fastest rise of any industry to date.

Gaming is also beating Hollywood.

#4 A Branding Bonanza

While the Torque (TSX:GAME.V, OTCMKTS:MLLLD) group is busy tackling every single aspect of this market, from streaming data, media rights and advertising, to sponsorship and big game development, branding is exploding.

You already know they’ve locked onto the Formula 1 brand through Eden Games, which is the one of the biggest names in racing games. In fact, it’s an obsession that has 10 teams worth over $4 billion. A single F1 race is watched by over 100 million people.

What you don’t know is this: Torque’s also just secured exclusive partnerships with Porsche and Nintendo.

And that all came to global attention in the final week of October with the launch of the long-awaited World’s Fastest Gamer (WFG) competition.

At stake are the biggest prize in esports racing history: A cool $1 million.

While the Fortnite 2018 World Cup was one of the biggest events in esports ever, with 40 million players competing for a total price pool of $30 million The World’s Fastest Gamer has an important edge.

It’s exactly where real sports meets esports. It’s where Fortnite meets Formula One. It’s the best of both worlds.

And while Torque is the king of blurring the lines between ‘real’ sports and esports, they’ll come together in a massive brick-and-mortar branding move in Miami, where Torque is building the world’s FIRST esports racing arena.

The massive arena will open its doors next year already and will be stocked with the most advanced esports racing simulators out there—designed by Formula 1 engineers and developed by a company called All In Sports, which Torque is also set to acquire.

#5 Recap: The Formula for Torque

As an epic streaming battle unfolds, little-known Torque is waging this war on the gaming front.

Everyone wants its data, for starters…

For observers of Disney, Apple and Netflix, the streaming war is clear. For the gaming industry, while Torque has slipped in and not only scooped up the data everyone needs to create ad revenue, it has branded itself with the best of the best on the race track and beyond.

That’s all thanks a man best known as the ‘Godfather’ of esports, Darren Cox, Torque’s CEO and former Global Motorsport Director for Nissan.

Cox has been transforming gamers into professional race car drivers for over a decade, and he’s now a definitive expert when it comes to blurring the lines between reality and gaming.

Between 2008 and 2015, Cox ran the GT Academy program—a racing and gaming program that transformed gamers into professional drivers. Cox has brought on quality brand ambassadors—Rubens Barrichello of Ferrari, and 2x Indy 500 champion Juan Pablo Montoya—to expand Torque’s reach.

He’s grown Torque (TSX:GAME.V, OTCMKTS:MLLLD)  into an elite esports conglomerate, and the only company out there capable of connecting actual esports events and esports data.

Cox sees more than the road ahead—he’s sees this entire arena and it’s paved with data, the best in gaming, million-dollar prizes and a global audience that is growing by the minute.

By. Joao Piexe


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