Who Comes Clean First, Trump On Losing The Election Or Powell On The Fed Causing Inequality? (Spoiler: Either Is Good For Gold & Silver)

Trump takes center stage today, and Powell on Wednesday, but either way, it’s all good for gold & silver. Here’s why…

(by Half Dollar) There could be some serious fireworks in the “markets” this week.

Today is “Electoral College” Day, and recall that near the end of November, President Trump said when responding to a reporter, among other things, that he will certainly “leave this building”, meaning, leave the White House, if the Electoral College votes Biden the victor, although whether Trump concedes or not is another question?

And on Wednesday, the Fed concludes its 2-Day December FOMC meeting, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell will be giving a press conference at 2:30 p.m. EST, when he’ll certainly be asked about and pushing Federal fiscal stimulus to go along with all of the Fed’s money printing.

Speaking of certainty, this speaks volumes of “free markets”:

It shouts, “there is 100% probability the markets have been rigged and intervened in non-stop, and there is 100% probability the markets will continue to be rigged and intervened in non-stop”.

But I digress.

Here’s the point: Either of these events could be the spark that silver needs to really get moving to the upside once again:

Is $24 the new $14?

If so, then $22 is the new $12, which means we’ve likely put in that first all-important higher-low.

I think silver could run to $26.50 very quickly and then to $30.

Gold has come back down to tag its 200-day:

We could really springboard here at any time.

If we are set to rally, the gold-to-silver ratio could really start falling:

This would be shown with rising lines on the chart above, meaning the ratio is falling on rising prices.

Palladium continues to churn in its sideways choppy channel:

Palladium could be used as confirmation of gold & silver’s moves this week.

As could platinum:

Is that a bull wedge I see on platinum’s daily chart, and if so, how long before the breakout?

I zoomed out a little to show copper’s breakout:

Copper’s falling prices over the last couple of years were mostly due to commodities price suppression as official government/Fed policy and debt-fueled fantasy living under a Trump Administration, one last credit indulgence if you will, or if I may, or whatever, but now, hyperinflationary reality is starting to set-in.

One can take advantage of local/regional resources while the cost is economical:

I don’t think the cost will be economical for long.

Especially as the value of the US dollar plummets:

Where does one seek protection from a plummeting dollar, again?

Certainty not in the artificially interest rate suppressed bond market:

Let’s not kid ourselves here: The debt’s no good.

The dollar and the bond market are two sides of the same debased coin, you know.

You wouldn’t know “market participants” wealth is about to vaporize if looking at the VIX:

Along with market participants, include retirees’ & pensioners’ US dollar based retirement accounts, savers’ US dollar based savings accounts, and investors’ US dollar based investments, because all of that US dollar-based wealth is going to vaporize.

Therefore, it could be the next stock market crash that proves to be the spark:

That is, if stock market crashes are still a thing?

If they are no longer a thing, then where does that say we are at this stage in the US dollar end game?

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart