What’s Going In In Virginia? A Round-Up Of The Pro-2nd Amendment Rally In Richmond

The pro-2nd Amendment rally known as “Lobby Day” is underway in Virginia…

(Silver Doctors Editors) A pro-2nd Amendment rally is underway in Virginia.

Here’s a live-stream that just ended via RT:

Amazingly, on YouTube in 2020, in order to get the live-stream of today’s Pro-2nd Amendment demonstration in Virginia, one has to embed “Russian propaganda” as opposed to Fox News or some other US MSM outlet.

Here’s an ongoing live-stream from Global News:

If you go to the US mainstream media, here’s a sampling of what you get, this offering from CNN:

No propaganda there, of course, with the not so subtle “potential extremist and white nationalist groups” disrupting things with violence and rioting.

A few minutes of watching the live-stream shows that everything has been calm and peaceful.

What is this protest all about?

Here’s a timeline of the chain of events:

At the very least, Virginia is quickly becoming a 2nd Amendment battleground.

A round-up from Richmond today, via Twitter:

Pretty decent crowds:

The Celebs wasted no time seizing the opportunity:

Of course, Twitter is trending “#IStandWithVirginia” over those making a stand for the 2nd Amendment, and Twitter’s pushing all of the usual pumpers:

Here’s Alex Jones rolling around in Virginia:

All in all, everything seems pretty peaceful.

There is widespread support for gun rights, with folks traveling from out-of-state:

And it’s more than just an issue of guns rights

Some areas have armed protesters:

The crowds are diverse:

Here’s another look at some of the crowd: