What Would Richard Russell Say About The Bitcoin To Dow Ratio Reaching Parity?

Bitcoin is reaching parity with the stock market. Here’s the details…

Submitted by West of Westpacific Trend Trading

Why is it today nobody talks value?
Not a soul looks at Debt Ratios or Balance Sheets – they apparently do not matter anymore.

Well in the coming Credit Bubble Burst they will matter; and all those companies with Debt Ratios above 100% will go to zero.

Did you know that Tesla has a Debt Ratio of 182.7 or Ford Motors is 446.98?

Or that we have true values in Royal Gold 23.16 or Coeur Mining; Inc. 37.79?

Yet everyone for now is chasing air and hype, and all that will change.

Onto Bitcoin.

Maybe you remember Richard Russell of Dow Theory Letters and his love of the Gold/DOW ratio?
At a ratio of 1:1, one ounce of gold would buy one unit of the DOW.
Today one unit of the Dow comes in at 19.56 ounces of gold.
If Richard Russell were alive today, maybe he would be talking about the Bitcoin/Dow ratio?
Yesterday Bitcoin traded at a ratio of 1.47:1. In other words, it took only 1.47 Bitcoins to buy one unit of the Dow.
And with Bitcoin above $20,000, it’s getting scary.
Just imagine that in over 100 years the DOW to GOLD ratio in 1933 was 1.94 and in 1980 was 1.43, and Bitcoin has beat both as of today!

That my friends is near a top in Bitcoin.

Check oiut these statistics on the close yesterday:

Gold to Bitcoin .075 (125 Ounces of Gold to 1 Bitcoin)

Silver to Bitcoin .0010 (1100 Ounces of Silver to 1 Bitcoin)

That my friends is near a top in Bitcoin.

That is not where the story ends:

USD in 2015 to Bitcoin was .40 ($2.50 for 1 Bitcoin).
Yesterday it was .005 ($17000 for 1 Bitcoin).
I could go on and on:

Oil to Bitcoin .23 in 2015 (today it’s at .003)

Basket of Commodities to Bitcoin .91 in 2015 (today it’s at .011)

U.S. Ten Year Note to Bitcoin .073 in 2015 (today it’s at .001)

Euro to Bitcoin .42 in 2015 (today it’s at .007)

Pound Sterling to Bitcoin .60 in 2015 (today it’s at .008)

Everything has, and is, becoming worthless against Bitcoin. Everything!

That also includes real estate, stocks, bonds, and all currencies around the globe.

What does all of this mean?

It means that if this is not regulated, we must question what this is really about?
Remember, nobody knows who Satoshi Nakamoto, the developer of bitcoin, really is.
Is Bitcoin really an unregulated currency, with no borders, and outside the financial system?
Or maybe they know about the coming collapse, and they are using Bitcoin as a place to hide out?

There’s still too many questions.

I just leave you with this:

Happy Trading,