What Real Socialists (Not Just SJW’s) Think of the USA

Just don’t know why this Lawyer-Politician

thinks we all root for the Yankees?




Now, This is Venezuela we are talking about, so first this:

Translation, courtesy of our border dwelling SD Member:

“You can all go to hell, Yankee pieces of shit!”

But the odd thing is this:


And the sad part is this:





One of the things we have try to do over here at SD is help everybody undertsand that the dollar is on course to its ultimate value of zero.

Venezuela will most likely be the first to go in the comming world-wide global dollar crisis,

and following news out of Venezuela might just show a glimpse of things to come.

Granted, Venezuela stands for socialism, and the United States stands for Freedom and Liberty,

but, if you know any SJW Lites, they might be surprised to know what a real Socialist thinks of them.

And, nothing says post-collapse barter like a big ole bag o’ dimes…

Stack on!