What Happens When The Food Banks Run Out Of Food To Give To America’s Hungry?

Spoiler alert: Civil unrest, rioting and looting follow. Here’s why…

(by Half Dollar) In Venezuela they called it “the Maduro diet”.

Some might call it “death by starvation” for the most vulnerable who are unable to secure food.

But no matter what you call it, it would be unwise to think it can’t happen in the United States.

The breadlines have already started, and they’re rather long:

For now, everything’s relatively peaceful, calm and collected.

But what happens when the food runs out?

More importantly, what happens when the hunger pangs kick-in?

Will flyover America look like this:

While spoiled meat is offered up for sale in the urban areas?

Like this:

Because hungry people do desperate things.

For now, the breadlines are holding, and some families are even starting to get their stimulus checks, but what if the breadlines don’t hold, and what happens if the lockdowns drag on and the stimulus runs out?

No matter what happens, gold, silver & skills in your toolbox are the key.

And maybe planting a garden.

Because things people would never imagine happening here are not only happening, but they’re ushering in the crack-up boom, only this time, we’re not talking about the Venezuelan Bolivar but the World’s Reserve Currency, the US Dollar.

And like all other unbacked, debt-based fiat currencies that came before it, the US dollar is not immune to the disease known as hyperinflation.

Quite the contrary.

The dollar will succumb to the disease as all fiat currencies eventually do.

No pun intended.