We’ve Got To Take Our Food Back From Big Agra

Contrary to popular belief, big agra is not feeding the world, but we can feed ourselves by taking our farms back to the local level…

by Dunagun Kaiser with Eddy Garcia via Reluctant Preppers

This first-time guest on Reluctant Preppers, Eddy Garcia, has been self-reliant since the age of 7, when he decided to drop out of school & run away from home so he could surf all day. He lived off-grid on Maui & Molokai as a kid and had to teach himself how to hunt, produce energy, build shelters…
In the meantime, he developed a deep understanding for Nature that has enabled him to grow food for himself and his community, become entirely self-sufficient, and survive on his own in a unique ecosystem.
Now he’s a leading expert in the regenerative agriculture field due to his innovative systems based off of his decades of living close to Nature. He’s been featured in Surfer Magazine for the worms he discovered that compost styrofoam, on The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann, The Urban Farm Podcast, PermaEthos TV, The Underswell podcast, and has been a speaker at the Rising Tides Summit.

More about Eddy Garcia:
Growing up on a small Hawaiian island, Eddy has over 30 years of experience living off-grid. His deep connection to Nature has taught him fundamental truths that are woven into Living Earth Systems. Observation, Consistency, Stewardship.
Website – www.livingearthsystems.com