Water & Food Shortage 2022! Supply Shortages Designed & Global Food Crisis Plan Accelerated

It’s not difficult to predict a year of serious water and food shortages that will cause economic and social disasters on a scale never seen before in…

by Financial Argument via Financial Argument

It is not difficult to predict that 2022 will be a year of serious water and food shortages that will cause economic and social disasters on a scale never before seen in human history.

What spurred the global food crisis, which I often discuss in my videos where I continue to urge you to be prepared, is not just natural disasters. It goes much deeper than that and is as if it’s part of a series of plans designed by someone to control people in a new system of their own design.

Based on the latest news about food shortages in this first month of 2022, leads me to believe that the plan for the global food crisis is accelerating. It’s coming quicker than we expected.

Moreover, the plan is not only a food shortage, it is also a supply shortage. I’m not referring to the supply chain problems we’ve seen since the health crisis began. This is much greater. I’m not just referring to some foods, toilet paper, microchips, lumber, plastic and other items with shortages in recent months. I’m talking about basic items we take for granted that we need to go about our day to day lives. This will be very difficult for those who are not ready.

Some people will never understand what is going on until it’s staring them in the face, and by then there won’t be much they can do, if at all. Unfortunately, some of them may even be close friends or family. If you do not wish to follow the same fate, please watch this video until the end. Never forget that food shortages don’t always happen for natural reasons, but are sometimes engineered.

Increased prices and shortages of energy resources are the most important factors affecting supply chains, which is why they are so connected to the upcoming food crisis.

I invite you again to stock up on food and water for the upcoming everything shortage, folks! Do this before it’s too late. You can find many videos online that explain how. They may think you’re exaggerating, crazy, and believe conspiracy theories. Do it anyway.

The system has turned the masses into sleeping sheep who believe that preparation is unnecessary.

If they are still with you, please go and ask your grandparents about these preparations. Up until a few generations ago, stocking up on food for a few months was par for the course, and deemed a very necessary practice. Today, things have changed so much that people have become addicted to supermarkets, and see common sense preparations as something out of the ordinary.

What makes these people so brave is their ignorance and their sleepiness. They think they can go to the supermarket at any moment and find what they want. But when they come across empty shelves, it will be too late.