Watch Bill Clinton Melt-Down Over Monica Lewinsky (And Also Claim He Left The White House Broke)

Monday Humor, Monday Disgrace, or perhaps this is all part of a deeper, political motive? See and hear for yourself…

Former President Clinton was pressed on the Monica Lewinsky issue by NBC.

It’s hard to argue against the question being fair.

After all, there’s been Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken and Stormy Daniels over the last year, and all the while it seems that Clinton gets a free pass.

Regardless, Bill Clinton, in his standard “political parties fusion purple” wardrobe of late, was confronted about Lewinsky and what would seem like a simple and straightforward topic – the apology.

Iin true Bill Clinton fashion, he basically avoided the question, deflected the question, and talked his way through it.

Or perhaps I am seeing and hearing it wrong:

Perhaps I’m a little biased, because I find it hard to believe much of anything politicians say, but it sure did sound like Clinton was singing his own praises, and looking for pity too.

But notice the theme here – Is the mainstream media turning on one of their own?

For a deeper, political motive?

We do know the democratic party is destroying itself from within, in no part due to the collusion between the Hillary campaign and the DNC.

So perhaps attacking Clinton, any Clinton, at this point, is all part of the larger strategy to try and gain some legitimacy back to the democratic party?

Because, you know, election season is coming up.

And there’s a larger fish to fry (as in the continued attack and assault on the sitting President).

And if the democrats can’t get their act together, President Trump will be the least of their worries.

Because it will be the very survival and legitimacy of the Democratic party that’s at stake.

And just like I always say, “resets happen”, political parties come and go too.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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