Washington DC Begins To Boil: See RNC Night 4, Trump’s Speech, Chaos On The Streets And More Right Here

Senator Rand Paul and his wife came under attack leaving the White House as the streets of America become unsafe for just about everybody…

(by Half Dollar) The American descent into madness continues.

Last night, we learned that nobody is immune from the chaos.

Senator Rand Paul was certainly not immune:

And it’s a dang shame, too, because Rand Paul is one of the least evil politicians in DC as far as politicians go, assuming he’s a career politician, that is.

And to think, the so-called “seige” hasn’t even begun:

That kicks-off in mid-September, supposedly.

Here’s some more coverage of the madness in the nation’s capital –

Here’s Night 4 of the RNC convention, including President Trump’s Speech, via PBS: