War Criminal Crimes That Go Unpunished | Ron Paul

Who’s responsible for all the civilians who die in unnecessary US wars overseas?…

by Ron Paul of Ron Paul Liberty Report

Who’s responsible for all the civilians who die in unnecessary US wars abroad?
Never mind that the Pentagon is unaccountable to tax paying US citizens who supposedly finance its operations.
Don’t ask about some Pentagon audit. Forget about the ongoing allegations of some missing multi $20 trillion US dollars or so.  The last few decade’s failed wars, built upon baseless lies the media never questioned, was worth the thousands of American lives lost, and all the brown people displaced and killed.

Never mind that in late 2007, General Wesley Clark blabber-mouthed the real ongoing Pentagon policy of decimating the middle east and old Soviet regimes. What he describes as a “Policy Cue” has been going on well longer than somewhat recent unprosecuted NeoCon criminality against humanity. General Clark mentioned the early 2000s hit list nations such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, & ‘bomb bomb’ Iran.

Shall we add Venezuela to this list?

John Bolton and other unprosecuted NeoCons are still running much policy in this country using tax dollars for their, and other insiders benefit, while also unaccountably bankrupting and embarrassing us along the way.
Injustices allowed and tolerated will only breed more injustices.

The long game has always been quartering Russia and China, the threats to our crumbling empire.

And so the vicious cycle continues, the opposite of what any sane US citizen should want for themselves or the world at large.

Even child-like AOC can point out on a tiny scale… what a joke military spending has become.

Her small illustration of wasted funds is but a small fractal example of greed and corruption running rampant. Yea fundamental unaccountable corruption, from top to bottom, perhaps only omniscience could ever hope to count.

This today is the rip off that is and always will be, the military industrial complex.