Want Free Markets In Gold, Silver, Stocks, Or Any Other “Financial Market”? Starve The Beast

There is only one way to move forward. If you want free markets, that is…


Half Dollar’s Note: These charts were set-up in the morning on Friday and do not reflect any price action that took place in the late morning or beyond.


(by Half Dollar) I’m just smart enough to be able to write, but since I’m an idiot, I’m only good enough to be able to make it semi-passable as literature, if, at the time of my writing, I happen to be inspired, and today, well, not so much.

It happens, you know, and it’s typical around this time of year for some odd reason.

I’m not even inspired to make a shameless plug.

People just don’t get it, and they surely don’t get me, but that’s cool.

It’s not easy being an open-minded, free-thinking and non-conforming contrarian in a world full of people who think they are what they are not.

You see, I’m never inspired to spew false hope, nor do I think that somehow delaying the onset of the economic misery and financial ruin is what’s best if there is to be any hope at all for the survival of what remaining good old-fashioned American Freedom & Liberty we have, and, if by the increasingly unlikely chance there is still the slightest possibility that the United States itself survives this, in my opinion, it is best to face our problems sooner than later, if we want to have a fighting chance, figuratively speaking of course, or not, or whatever.

Economic misery and financial ruin are not inevitable, and they are not optional for the ill-prepared Americans.

Economic misery and financial ruin are simply the symptoms brought on by the obliteration of the current government-induced, people-approved unbacked, debt-based fiat currency system dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth.

Masking economic misery and financial ruin is futile at best, and it’s a dang waste of resources at worst, and the particularly disgusting part about it is that it’s all at the expense of Future Americans, assuming we make it as a nation, or at the expense of Future Formerly-Americans, assuming we just make it.

Economic misery and financial ruin aren’t coming.

They’re here.

So here I find myself this beautiful Friday, on one of the government’s most favorite of dates, totally disgusted with most people.

Oh well.

The sheep are only meant to be fleeced or slaughtered, you can’t un-turn a zombie, and there’s only so much a chained-dog can do.

That said, it’s a dang shame people continue to feed the beast instead of starving it:

And starving the beast is not something that takes forever, but rather, it’s something that’s only temporary and necessary if we truly want any kind of “free markets” back, for whatever that means.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, but I take my winnings out of the markets and put that money to good use as a way of sticking it to the man!”.

Uh, no.

It doesn’t work that way.

I mean, do you feel that the shower head maintenance crew at Hotel Auschwitz was only innocently doing their jobs?

The VIX is the easiest thing in the world to manipulate:

Unless you’re a corrupt person with either direct, or, at a bare minimum, reliable information as to the execution of the market rigging, however, you will lose, and that goes for all of the “financial markets” out there, and if you haven’t lost yet, well, there’s a reason the house in a rigged casino never loses you know!

I’ve been looking for a leg-down in yield for some time:

Of course, as price inflation picks-up, which it has been doing, arguably relentlessly, real yields are only going deeper into the negative, no matter what the latest numbers say on the charts.

One higher-high does not make a trend change:

Nor does it do anything to slow down the increasingly speedy final decline of the US dollar.

What I’ve been saying for months has been spot-on:

Commodities price inflation is here.

The problem with oil, however, is that you can only store so much of it above ground:

And so far the “recovery” on Main Street has been severely underwhelming at best, if not a downright disgraceful, fabricated lie at worst, so there still seems to be some supply and demand imbalances that need to work themselves out.

The gold-to-silver ratio is pretty much where it was when the week began:

As we’ve basically gone nowhere since the end of July, hopefully premiums have come down somewhat so that smart investors taking advantage of the Gold-to-Silver Ratio Arbitrage can actually get somewhere close to 72 ounces of silver for each single ounce of gold.

On August 11th, I said silver will rally when the next round of fiscal stimulus begins:

That has been the correct call, but where I have been wrong is in thinking we would have seen the stimulus by now.

I’d say that Stevie Boy said back in July that they wanted the Federal government to begin CARES 4.0 stimulus in August, but if I say that, I’d be making an excuse, so I won’t.

Regardless, this is why there’s not a whole lot of downside for gold from here:

That is to say, on the one hand, the cartel would love to smash the yellow metal below its 50-day moving average and possibly force gold down to its 200-day, but on the other hand, real, physical gold has been bid, is bid, and will be bid, and real, physical gold will be bid even more so once the funny money begins flowing again, so yeah, there’s not a whole lot of downside left from here, if at all.

Palladium has been treading water:

It should be noted, however, that palladium is up over 20%, year-to-date!

And that’s good news, so I guess I’ll make an attempt at ending the week on a good note:

Platinum may be up on the week, but the precious metal is still down, year-to-date, which means platinum is presenting a wonderful opportunity for deeper-pocketed investors.

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart