Virginia Violence: Sunday Addresses Signal Big Pivot in Times of VIOLENCE, PANIC, and CHAOS

Nixon in 1971, the 2015 precedence in Greece, and now the Charlottesville, VA violence and chaos. Tomorrow is one of those days we could again see a Sunday Address by President Trump. That would signal the start of SOMETHING BIG.

SD Exclusive: A Saturday Editorial

There IS precedence of Sundays being days marking MASSIVE, MAJOR changes and turns of events. See the closing of the gold window anniversary post for reference. Sure, I know it’s August 15th, 1971, and I am off by the date. The significance is not the date, rather, the day, and not just day, but night, as in Sunday Night (ad hoc) Presidential Address:



Bad news presidential addresses ALWAYS come on Sundays. It usually also proceeds some very chaotic events, and when the presidential address happens, it represents a complete opposite of something that was very, very different some time or even days or hours before.

In less reading and more absorbing, let’s look at a recent case.

2015 Greece

In mid-June, 2015, Greece was negotiating debt terms on two fronts. They were dealing with the EU, and they were dealing with Germany. Their Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, was elected in January that year. Tsipras is a young, vibrant and energetic politician who was going to march into Brussels and show the Europeans who’s boss:



Tsipras chose his Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, to help with the strong-arming. Varoufakis is the equivalent of Jack Lew, (now Steve Mnuchin), US Treasury Secretary. However for Greece, they had a a motorcycle riding, black jean wearing, bald head shaven, rock-star blogger Finance Minister who could smooth talk anybody into a deal:



The young leaders of Greece looked and appeared to give a fighting spirit. Before the weekend of June 26th through June 28th, everybody was pumped that it was all gonna work out. The EU, ECB, Germany and Greece were all talking tough but making progress, and they all wanted to come out with their demands on top. The Greeks were worried but pumped, and Tsipras and Varoufakis were looking like they could stare down a lion:



Haven’t seen this type of closeness in getting down to business in the United States in a long time. In fact, I never saw President Obama and Jack Lew bring their “A-Game”, with an “I got your back” closeness:



Not to say we don’t have our own rock stars. So here you go – Janet Yellen. Rock Star Central Banker travelling in style, and I know she isn’t the Treasury Secretary, but Yellen is much more “public” than the “Public Servant” Steve Mnuchin. I mean, all over the MSM it’s Janet they speak about, not Steve. Here’s our Rock Star Janet – not on a motorcycle, but still, she does attract the groupies:



I didn’t know she was into wearing so much black like Varoufakis does, and I didn’t know she had a fetish for young men. But then I realized that there was probably a reason she travels like this. The blue blotch bottom right, that was a mess-up after I fat-fingered the “save as”. My bad.

On Sunday morning, Varoufakis was assuring the Greeks that Greece was in control of their financial affairs and opposed to any type of capital controls:



Also on Sunday morning, Tsipras was assuring the Greeks that everything was fine:



Then, that night, from left field, we get the Sunday Night Prime Minister Address (It has English subtitles):



 Things were relatively calm, though lines were long at the ATMs:




Though come Monday morning, the mood had become hopeless. Especially for pensioners it quickly became deeply troublesome:



This man had a nervous breakdown, and eventually, police had to come get him:



There was rioting in the streets. There was always rioting in the streets. Before, during, after, and to this day, this was what to expect in Greece during the day if you were not in line trying to get out 60 Euros from an ATM.

Rock Concerts that must not have received their noise permits on time:



Spontaneous wrestling matches and a new Greek twist on the popular game “Red Rover, Red Rover”. 



There was also plenty of water to keep everybody nice and hydrated in the hot June sun.



Is the police state apparatus in the United States going to allow rioters to swing and grab, or, would there be government trigger pullers, shooting first and asking questions later? Just a thought exercise and not asking what is right, wrong, or even possible, but something to think about.

Because to the unemployed young adults, if there is no job, no savings, no possibility of a job, a bleak outlook on life, and now, a banking crisis, what is going to go down when that comes to the shores of the United States?

Will it be this peaceful, with water and batons, or will the popping of M-4 assault rifles switched to 3-round burst, with an occasional join-in of semi-auto bam, bam, bam coming from the rooftop snipers be the modus operandi in quelling the riots here?

Under cover of darkness, looking at Greece in 2015, with their capital controls, travel restrictions, bank holiday, and severe limit on cash withdrawals at ATMs if cash was even to be found, the night became very dangerous on the streets.

The Greeks know how to make Molotov cocktails:



They know how to throw them too:



They have the gear they need to partake:



And they are not afraid of partaking:



At night, a baton and a water canon that a small person has trouble wielding are not going to help stave off what might be brought down to Main Street U.S.A., which is why I asked the question. In other words:

If things get this bad with the dollar, will we be lucky enough to just have the same types of pictures like those above of the Greeks in the streets releasing their rage, or is a well-armed police department going to be trigger happy in understanding that the citizenry is equally well-armed?

And this now ties back in to Charlottesville, Virginia. Noting to do with race. That is certainly how it is spun and yes, I see the flags and what not. While I don’t know who all the individuals are, whose side who is on, two things are clear:

First, President Trump is getting pressured and he is now making statements:


Except, knowing our precedence for Sunday Addresses, not Saturday Night Specials, something is off here.

The events in Charlottesville, be them 100% true as reported, 100% lies, or somewhere in between, fall in line perfect with the timing. Remember, just as early as Sunday morning in Greece, everything was “fine”, then later that evening, we had the Sunday Address by Tsipras.

Which begs these questions:

What is so bad in our economy that they are using events from Charlottesville as the springboard?

If there is a Sunday Address by President Trump, it’s a springboard to what?

If trade wars begin, or an actual war, or cutting off of diplomatic ties, massive tarrifs, import/export restrictions, immigration action, or some series of executive orders and decrees, is something about to happen to the dollar?

Or worse, taking cue from the tragedy of the violence in Charlottesville, if there is a Sunday Address, It’s now about America. It’s not about an ultimatum to Kim Jong-Un, it’s about something wrong in America. The pivot inward is coming out of left field, perhaps maybe because such an escalation and march to nuclear war last week with North Korea was not met with the support needed?

And so we must ask, what is the issue under the one that will be stated? We definitely don’t need race tensions again, especially after the MSM has done their job in portraying the President as the most evil, racist, hidden-agenda person on the planet.

In my opinion, it is economic, and the violence and race buttons are being pushed as a distraction and diversion. I’m not saying Charlottesville isn’t real, I’m saying, the deep state, with their communications reach, is grabbing onto the race riots once again to get the country to feed into it with anger and rage, mostly rage, in an effort to slight of hand some big change in the economy that is imminent. Are they gonna let the stock market crash and say “people are worried about escalating racial violence and President Trump’s lack of handling it properly”? Or maybe they will cut off trade with several nations in conjunction with a devaluation of the dollar? If it’s race wars 24/7 on the television, internet, and radio, most people would be focused on that.

We have precedence. That’s really all I know. President Nixon did it Sunday, August 15, 1971, Prime Minister Tsipras did it June 28, 2015, and tomorrow is one of those weird days where the date is not as important as the day, because if they waited until Tuesday, well, the tin-foil hatters, goldbugs and silverbugs could easily snatch that coincidence out of their agenda, and run with the sickness in their love of repetition of events and turning points, but tomorrow, is tomorrow on anybodies radar?

Let’s hope its a pivot for good and not for evil. Though we see how Sunday Addresses end, and they always end badly.