VIDEO: Drone Assassination Attempt on Venezuelan Dictator Nicolas Maduro, No One Seriously Hurt

Earlier this week we made note of how recent confiscated gold in Colombia ties in with the CIA openly alleging the Venezuelan regime continues doing business with Colombian narco-traffic groups (e.g. ELN, El Clan del Golfo).

Yesterday’s failed drone attack on Venezuelan dictator Nicholas Maduro, is just another ugly and crazy spectacle of the Venezuelan state today.

Of course, some internet speculation is that this was indeed the CIA. Others suggest, this being yet another false flag attack by a failing dictatorial regime hoping to rally domestic support for its poor economic policies.

Maduro himself is openly accusing right wing opposition groups of Venezuela and Colombia of the attack. He is even explicitly indicting his neighbor, the current Colombian president himself (Juan Manuel Santos).

Below are are some recorded videos of the attempted Maduro ‘drone assassination event’.

No one was reported seriously hurt in this supposed attack.





One cannot fully understand current Latin American politics without learning many of the recent past crimes against humanity in the region.

For instance, both the CIA and Henry Kissinger’s involvement with Operation Condor.

Similar to past 1970s and 1980s right wing Latin American dictatorships of Argentina and Chile, current political protestors of the left wing Venezuelan regime are being locked up and are ‘disappearing’ without due process.

Somewhat ironic that a Latin American 1973 military meeting in Caracas, Venezuela itself, was the supposed brainchild to share military information to violently route out political opposition groups for decades.

The often claimed ‘fake news‘ NYTimes, reported earlier this summer on what often happens in today’s Venezuela if you organize protests against Maduro‘s dictatorial regime.

Check out the dilapidated, once shopping mall, turned political jail house below.



News flash. Real political change peacefully, is not the norm south of the USA.

The ongoing situation in Nicaragua, is but another example of how once supposed revolutionary regimes end up imposing similar or worse atrocities than the former powers they have overthrown. Kind of like meet the new bosses, even worse than the old ones.

This ‘revolution’ in Venezuela is still being somewhat televised. An ongoing horror show similar to past versions, but with technology today we have more detail and documentation than ever before.

Of course some of the far left english speaking world has their ongoing take on the situation. As per usual, virtually all blame gets laid on imperial gringo interests.

Wherever the causes and blames may lie, both mass legal and illegal emigration of Venezuelan citizens will only proceed as this human crisis continues.


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