‘V’ The Guerrilla Economist Throws The BS Flag: ‘Q’ (Qanon) IS PURE Bullcrap

The Ape Explains Why the LARPing individual or group is a gigantic waste of time. Its UP to US to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK…

“V” The Guerrilla Economist goes off on an epic rant for why the ‘Q’ phenomenon is pure BS. If you’re not sure who “Q” (also called Qanon), please see our Q Anon tag for more information.

Basically “Q” is seen as a Trump Administration insider who leaves “breadcrumbs” of intelligence that shows the good guys are in control and really working towards draining the swamp and doing all of those things that would be needed to truly MAGA.

“V” has just called “Q” out as total, BS, and in true to “V” style, he pulls no punches while providing specific reasons to why “Q” is nothing more than a bunch of fairytale hype.

Tune in to the video in its entirety below to hear “V” give his take on “Q”: