US/Korea Summit Failed Because There Was Never Supposed To Be A Deal

By design, the summit was a total success for the Deep State, and the talks were meant to fail so Trump “loses” the “election” in 2020. Here’s more…

Editor’s Note: This post is subjective opinion.



Wait a sec!

What’s missing?

Wasn’t there a border crisis?

But now there is no crisis at all?

Well, that is the magic of the propaganda.

Big issues cooked into fast food nothing burgers.

It is as easy as simply dropping one script for another.

Which is exactly what they’ve done with this border crisis.

Defense contractors are happy, and the people, well, ‘Merica!

People say there is a sucker born every minute, and I suck at math.

But I’m pretty sure there is a sucker born in perfect correlation to the birth rate.


What’s new?

The US/Korea Summit.

And it ended in total failure:


Duped again!

That was on purpose.

It’s all just part of the show.

Time, money and resources wasted on theatrics.

But Americans love their big-budget Hollywood blockbusters.

Now, there are about 25,000 US military personnel in South Korea.

Which means there is also a crap-ton of well-compensated US contractors.

So there needs to be a constant threat from North Korea or the ponzi collapses.

At this point, any cuts in military spending would be enough to collapse the ponzi scheme.

That is not the only reason that the talks appear to have failed, however.

There are a couple more reasons that are also part of the plan.

First, the US ain’t got enough brain power in tech.

So we need the collective Asian intelligence.

But there’s a pesky little spat with China.

And Japan’s brain is fried-Fukishima.

So that leaves the Koreans.

And if we “walk”.

Well now.

That would be one heck of an IT bill that we couldn’t afford to pay.

And so we will stay in South Korea for as long as possible.

Lest the United States loses all relevancy.

Oh, and that’s coming, so don’t worry.

And it is coming by design.

After the suffering.

Of course.

There’s another major reason the Trump Administration “walked away” from progress with North Korea.

If President Trump made any progress, then that would make President Trump look “good”.

People even thought it would lead to Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

But the plan is to totally disenfranchise the Red Hats.

So not only was nothing accomplished.

But now, no dang “Peace” prize.

See how this all works now?

You promise everything.

You do the opposite.

You claim victory.

You get blamed.

The Fall Guy.

Too easy.


Or are there still people out there who believe Trump is a Patriot?


Let’s see here.

Let’s check-in on reality.

Not everything, just a sampling.


  1. Border wall
  2. Economic boom
  3. End the wars of agression
  4. Take down the Deep State
  5. Drain the Swamp
  6. Etc, etc, etc


  1. People got played on the Border Wall
  2. Markets will be taken down, economy will collapse
  3. Military spending on the rise, new wars commenced
  4. Take down of the Deep State is a sick joke
  5. Swamp’s been freshly stocked with invasive, hostile species
  6. It all coincides with Peak Trump

As we can see, most Americans are lost in the sauce, but not only are the promises not kept, aside from the border wall, which isn’t even a wrap just yet, but even if the border wall was a wrap, well, the border wall is being constructed to be used internally and against Americans.

Anybody thinking there would be progress made with this latest US/Korea Summit is living in La-La land.

The Trump Administration is full of nothing but warmongering Deep State Swamp Creatures.

That said, until the swamp is drained, you can never really make any progress.

If you want, you could think of progress like baking a moist, delicious cake.

You can not bake a cake unless you have the needed ingredients.

Do we have all of the necessary ingredients to bake a cake?

Yes we do, but the ingredients are all laced with poison.

So even if the Deep State decides to bake a cake.

Well then, I say bon apetit to the sheeple!

They certainly can have that cake.

But if they take a bite out of it.

It’ll be the very last thing.

That they ever taste.

A failed summit?

It’s by design.

So no fail.

At all.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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