Is The US Dollar Rally Over, Or Is The Rally Far From Over?

The US economy looks relatively better than the rest of the world. This has implications for the dollar going forward. Here’s insight from Brent Johnson… 

Brent Johnson interviewed by Jason Burack on Wall St For Main St

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, financial industry veteran and CEO of Santiago Capital, Brent Johnson.

Brent has also been covering the gold market as well as studying Austrian School Economics for many years.

There were numerous problems with Zencastr recording on Brent’s end so I apologize in advance. However, after speaking to Zencastr tech support they cannot be fixed.

During this interview, Jason asks Brent about his US Dollar Milk Shake Theory, a US Dollar rally continuing, the global economy, other central banks and emerging markets in worse shape, the China economy and the gold market.

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