US Surpasses 180K New Daily Covid Cases: ND Is Worst, But One State In Emergency

In terms of having the highest cumulative amount of infected residents, North Dakota is the worst, but in terms of having the steepest rise in new cases…

by Eric Zuesse

On Friday, the 13th of November, America set a global record well past any other nation’s number of daily new cases of Covid-10 (coronavirus-19) infections ever: 183,527 new cases.

Here is the situation within America’s states: North Dakota had a higher percentage of its residents having become infected by the virus than any nation in the world did: 79,524 per million residents, or nearly 8% of its population. The most highly infected nation is the European statelet of Andorra: 74,052 (and that’s the only nation that has an infection-rate which is above 50,000 per million). Other U.S. states which have infection-rates that are above 50,000 are: South Dakota (70,453), Iowa (55,998), and Wisconsin (51,725).

The states with lowest infection-rates are: Vermont (4,396), Maine (6,427), New Hampshire (10,244), and Hawaii (11,514).

The states that are soaring the fastest in their numbers of daily new cases (as compared to its number of previously existing covid cases) are: Kansas (5.2%), Colorado (4.2%), Wyoming (4.0%), & Michigan (3.4%). If an emergency can be said to exist anywhere now, then it’s there. NPR in Kansas City headlined on November 13th, “Coronavirus Patients From Rural Communities Without Mask Orders Are Crowding Kansas City Hospitals” and reported that, “About three-quarters of Kansas and Missouri counties lack intensive care units, forcing critically ill rural patients to seek care in major cities.” But also the states where the cumulative rates of cases are high are facing covid emergencies. For example, the Grand Forks Herald headlined on November 10th, “With North Dakota hospitals at 100% capacity, Burgum announces COVID-positive nurses can stay at work”, and reported that, “The Republican governor said hospital administrators asked the state to take the extraordinary step.”

The states with the lowest rates of rises in their percentages of population that have become infected are: Virginia (0.6%), North Carolina (0.6%), Georgia (0.7%), South Carolina (0.8%), Mississippi (1.0%), Maryland (1.2%), New Jersey (1.2%). However, New Jersey has the highest death-rate from the disease, of all the states: 1,875 per million residents, versus the current U.S. average of 755 per million. Though NJ has had slightly fewer covid cases per million residents (31,115) than the entire U.S. has had (33,407), that state has had a higher percentage of them die from the disease. But NJ has one of the nation’s lowest rates of current increase in its number of cases.

So: in terms of having the highest cumulative amount of infected residents, North Dakota is the worst, but in terms of having the steepest rise in new cases, Kansas is the worst.

The rankings of steepness in rise (or in decline) tends to gyrate far more than do the rankings in terms of cumulative percentage of population who have become infected. Consequently, overall, North Dakota currently has the nation’s world’s worst coronavirus situation — and it’s even the world’s worst (worse than even Andorra). 


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.