US Mint Employee Tests Positive For Covid-19 At West Point Mint, Causing Temporary Shutdown

“Mint leadership is evaluating when production will resume…”

(Silver Doctors Editors) A West Point Mint Police Officer has tested positive for Covid-19, and now the mint has temporarily shut down.

In an email forwarded to us earlier today, we can confirm the West Point Mint is temporarily being shut down.

In this email sent to Robert Fickling, the US Mint’s Bulk Manager, and others, we can glean some of the details:

Not only is no bullion being produced, but Authorized Purchasers are not able to get their “allocation” of West Point gold & silver bullion.

This is coming off of the heels of the US Mint closing stores and tours in various locations, and this is also during the time when we’re halfway though a two week Royal Canadian Mint shutdown.

The shutdown at the West Point Mint is coming during a time of severe market disconnects between the paper gold & silver markets and the phsyical gold & silver markets.

The Mint shutdown also comes during a time of emerging physical gold & silver supply shortages, which first began at the retail level and has since developed in the futures markets.