MSM Reporting That US, China Set To Sign Phase One Trade Deal In Washington Next Week

We may be finally getting a deal, however, the details of the deal are still not fully known, and the particular agreements are still being negotiated…

(Silver Doctors Editors) It seems like we will finally get a Phase 1 Trade Deal with China signed next week.

From Reuters:

BEIJING, Jan 9 (Reuters) – China’s Vice Premier Liu He, head of the country’s negotiation team in Sino-U.S. trade talks, will sign a “Phase 1” deal in Washington next week, the commerce ministry said on Thursday.

The details of the deal are still not fully known.

Furthermore, the Reuters reporting talks about ongoing negotiations:

Negotiating teams from both sides remain in close communication on the particular arrangements of the signing, Gao told reporters at a regular briefing. (Reporting by Gabriel Crossley, writing by Ryan Woo; Editing by Himani Sarkar)

Which, if taken at face value, mean that both sides are still hashing out the terms of the deal, which is another way of saying the deal is still not fully complete.

Will this Phase 1 deal be good for US farmers?

Check-out this recent Silver Doctors interview with a Kansas wheat farmer for in-depth analysis on what a trade deal with China really means:

The bottom line is the deal is not going to help American farmers like many think it will.

Bloomberg is calling the Phase 1 trade deal a lock:

China announced that Vice Premier Liu He will travel to Washington to sign the first phase of the trade deal with the U.S. next week, locking in Beijing’s commitment to a ceremony already announced by President Donald Trump.

Are we finally getting a “Phase 1” trade deal, or is the MSM simply feeding the bullish headlines to the HFT Algos or simply counting the chickens before they hatch?