Universal Basic Income (UBI) Is Inflation On-A-Stick

Here’s the process of how Big Brother becomes Big Daddy through UBI. The end goal, however, is not benevolent. Here’s why…

Ann Barnhardt interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Ann Barnhardt, founder of former Barnhardt Capital Management, and a firebrand for virtue & valor, returns to Reluctant Preppers to sound the alarm that UBI will make men obsolete, so that “BIG BROTHER BECOMES BIG DADDY.”

Barnhardt further lays out both the macro-scale and personal impacts of Universal Basic Income (UBI), especially within the context of the cashless society. Barnhardt exposes the cashless society as the ultimate coercive power, allowing governments to control the velocity of money, while denying your liberty to save or spend, or even choose what you buy.

Thought you were going to be allowed to use your UBI allowance to buy survival and preparedness gear? Think again!