Uncomfortable Question Of The Week: Why Aren’t ‘Protesters’ Storming, Burning Down And Totally Destroying The Fed?

The Fed contributes WAY MORE to “inequality”, KILLS elderly savers, ENSLAVES America’s children, and its leader won’t even answer a question on inequality…

WARNING: This is an opinion, and not a call to storm, or not to storm, anything. Furthermore, since I am a white, heterosexual American male, I’m pretty sure that means this opinion piece will offend everybody, but I’m not sure if that includes other white, heterosexual American males, or just everybody else? Therefore, easily offended people, including those who happen to be white, heterosexual American males, just hit the “back” button or close your web browser now and do not continue reading this opinion piece.


(by Half Dollar) Here’s another uncomfortable question: Why doesn’t anybody hear the American Indians standing up and screaming “victimhood”?

Yes, I’m irate today.

The hypocrisy in the United States has no bounds, and as a white, heterosexual American male in a land of the formerly free where half of the country can’t look into the mirror and the other half of the country thinks Trump is a good guy and not a Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing, it’s rather disgusting.

And since I’m thoroughly disgusted by all of the news this beautiful Friday morning, and because of what in my opinion is mis-placed anger, or properly placed if you are the Deep State, the Globalists, or the MSM Propagandists, well, in case you missed it, listen to Powell’s answer to a very simple question on “inequality” from Wednesday afternoon.

Here’s the question

“Inequality is not just about wages, it’s also about wealth, and a number of studies have suggested that by keeping rates low for so long and targeting the markets after the Great Financial Crisis, that the Fed did contribute to wealth inequality in this country, and I’m wondering if you think there is some tweak, or some message, you could give that would affect that?”

(video will auto-play from the correct time-stamp of the reporter’s questions and Powell’s non-answer):


Powell said the “markets stopped working”?

Uh, no, that’s impossible.

There may be a time when certain markets have no buyers, or no sellers, but there are ALWAYS working markets, so in the case of Powell saying “companies couldn’t borrow, roll over their debt, people couldn’t borrow”, well, that’s simply called the current state of the market, and the market, when left on its own, will adjust to that state accordingly, and if that means massive failure on the part of businesses or individuals, then so be it.

You see, markets always work.

As long as there are people, there are working markets.

This is not disputable.

So when Powell says the “markets stopped working”, what Powell is really saying is this: “We decided to intervene in, manipulate and rig the markets even more, to our own advantage, with books that aren’t subject to accounting or auditing, which wouldn’t even be fully shown if accounted for or audited anyway, to enrich ourselves and our bestest buddies on Wall Street and Washington because who cares about the bottom 95%, for the elderly can just go die already when they are forced to choose between food, medicine and home air conditioning because we have completely destroyed the time value of money, on purpose, and have therefore completely destroyed their savings, as well as crushed their purchasing power by chronically understating inflation and the cost of living, and the young are the involuntary slaves to our Unconstitutional, unbacked, debt-based fiat currency system dependent on unsustainable, exponential growth anyway, so it’s not like the slave children of America have a voice”.

Or is that not what Powell is saying?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you are supposed to be talking about wealth inequality, not going off on some mad tangent from La-La Land where elderly savers die a death of agony and the future of America is enslaved all because of the Fed’s monetary policies, so could you get back to your point already”.

Oh, yeah.


Back to my point.

Here’s what Powell said about the Fed contributing to wealth inequality in the United States: Nothing.

He simply avoided and did not answer the question.

Fed apologists, Fed enablers and Fed sympathizers may want to begin distancing themselves from the Fed, because contrary to the “protests” sweeping the nation right now, which are clearly being pushed by the MSM to serve the Deep State Globalists’ agenda, when the real protests against the real problems of our country truly begin, let’s just say it will make us yearn for the days of late May and early June, 2020.

Is that a warning, a threat, or a suggestion?


It’s just what I can see coming down the pike, and if my lousy eyesight with these old, cracked glasses can see it coming, then it’s very nearly here.