UN Rules Against US Sanctions On Iran, Secretary Of State Pompeo Vows More Sanctions

Iran took its case to the International Court of Justice where the UN court has ruled in favor of Iran. This issue is far from over, however. Here’s why…

by Ron Paul of Ron Paul Liberty Report

After the US unilaterally pulled out of the JCPOA Iran nuclear agreement and re-applied sanctions early this summer, Iran, citing a Treaty of Amity with the US, took the case to the International Court of Justice seeking among, other things, a ruling against US blocking trade in medical, food, and civil aviation products. The UN court ruled partially in favor of Iran, leading Secretary of State Pompeo to announce it was unilaterally pulling out of the treaty and blaming Iran for politicizing the court. Meanwhile, a newly uncovered US intelligence document from 2011 reveals that the US determination to overthrow Assad in Syria was driven by a desire to hit at Iran. It’s all about Iran!

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