Ultra-Value, Real World Hyperinflation Investing: How The Little Investor Won In 2021 And Will Win Again In 2022, But Does That Include Silver Bugs, Stackers?

For the win! A guaranteed win?

(by Half Dollar) I’m not sure why I feel like writing about this in mid-January?

Perhaps it is because of the myriad forecasts and predictions for 2022 that I’ve had the displeasure of reading over the last two weeks that have me all worked me up in some weird kind of Frenzy of Mediocrity, as if most people aren’t wrong about most everything, most of the time?

But in the true spirit of “don’t just sit there, do something”, “you’ll never know unless you try”, or, “insert your favorite motivational cliché here”, if you understand that the US dollar has already hyperinflated, and if you can successfully argue that case with even the mildest of idiots, only marginally less mildly idiotic than oneself, then you come to a point in life where common sense investments are only limited by the size of one’s bank account and storage.


That’s pretty much it.

It’s Ultra-Value, Real World Investing, for the win!

Funny how things work out, isn’t it?

Of course, that’s usually how it works out for Real Contrarians, who are actually quite rare and a completely different breed than Pseudo-Contrarians, who dominate the contrarian landscape and generally make things a lot more confusing for the Brainwashed Masses, the Walmart Zombies and the Sheeple.

And funny is usually how it works out for Thinking People, who develop their own understanding of reality in what could be considered an Alternative Media approach, which is totally not the same thing as a Mainstream Media approach or a Social Media approach, much less a Pretend-To-Be-Or-Wannabe Alternative Media approach.

That’s right folks, because on January 15, 2021, I wrote about a dumb idea that I had:

A No Brainer, really.

And I’m extra-excited to write about that personal 2021 investment and another personal 2022 investment.

You see, this weekend, I got to see that one particular 2021 investment’s yearly performance:

Suffice it to say, a nearly 20% gain on the year, gains which are also only getting started, ain’t bad.

Now, I do not mention some of my personal investments to brag, for I would never do that, nor would I boast, because that’s just not me, but I mention some of my personal investments to shout one last time from the rooftop about a particular investment I’ve made that I’m certain will perform spectacularly well in 2022:

And I mention that investment because perhaps where you live, there is still time to act?

In other words, the Dollar Tree’s current plan is to bring all stores nationwide to the $1.25 price point by the end of the first quarter, 2022, and it could very well be that one’s local Dollar Tree has not yet raised its prices.

Furthermore, get ready for the Office of Price Administration to make a roaring comeback:

While the food rationing may be fun and games for some, the food riots will be another thing, but for now, let’s just take it in strides.

That is to say, at the moment, our “Elected” “Leaders” are tired of being left out of the fun:


They’ve got all sort of plans to “strengthen” our “laws” to “lower” our “prices”!

And to think, I don’t even really shop at Kroger, because everybody knows that store’s way too expensive and very poorly laid-out, but I’m not exactly sure how that company is overly evil when they give me a free 10-ounce bag of Ruffles Rigged Potato Chips and a few other random dirt-cheap goodies by means of physically mailed coupons each month, and all I’ve got to do to score the fine loot is to stop by the local Kroger on my way to Costco, the Dollar Tree, Walmart or Wherever?

But I digress.

I’m excited about the ultra-value, real world investments again in 2022.

Here’s the key: Investing in these investments is just like investing in gold & silver, meaning, these ultra-value, real world investments must be something that have a defined weight and purity, and these ultra-value, real world investments must store well, both requirements of which include an individually wrapped 400-gram bar of 66% fatty acid or a 6-ounce vacuum sealed brick of 100% pure coffee.

So yeah, I’m extra-excited today, and I’m possibly a little edgy too.

Perhaps that’s because while scavenging the wasteland in general, and while scrambling among the local barren dairy & deli shelves in particular, in the desperate search for some hard salami and some extra sharp cheddar cheese, both of which would normally be a great value but were nowhere to be found, it dawned on me that pretty soon, I’ll probably have to wear elbow pads and possibly even a football helmet while braving some of my favorite wildlands?

Or perhaps I’m a little on edge because of that huge, gigantic pucker moment I had while lunging in Isle 12 for The Last Box Of Zesty Mac-N-Cheese while nearly getting crushed by a thrusting 1700 Pound Super-Duper Mario Cart heck bent to crashing and smashing it’s way to that precious box of processed goodness before anything or anyone else did?

I mean, I really wasn’t expecting the wheelie!


Regardless, everybody knows ‘Ol Half Dollar’s call:

I really can’t wait to get excited, or be wrong, about silver.

When it comes to gold, not from a Flip-Flopping Chart Hugger perspective, but from an Additional Proof The US Dollar Has Already Hyperinflated perspective, I’ll get excited about gold when it breaches $2,067:

Granted, I bought some gold for Wifey in 2021, but dollar for dollar and ounce for ounce, I bought a heck of a lot more platinum when I made some of my more more pricier investments during the year.

You can call me a “Sucker for Value”, including ultra-value.

Or you can just call me “An Idiot, With Dumb Luck”.

And finally, a Friendly Reminder: Starve the Beast.

If you want the manipulation of silver to end, that is…