UK Citizens Offered £1K/Month To Bed And Care For Elderly Hospital Patients

“Bed Blocking” is leading to a shortage of hospital beds in the UK, so now citizens are being offered cold hard fiat to open their homes and provide care…

Richie Allen discusses the social, medical and economic implications ravaging the healthcare industry in the U.K.

Private companies are stepping up to fill the void caused by a phenomenon knows as “bed blocking”, which what happens when there aren’t enough hospital beds to go around to meet the demand.

Richie claims the U.K. government has been systematically destroying the healthcare industry, and now private companies are forced to step up to provide these “solutions”.

But it’s not just as simple as offering a bed. It also includes basic medical/sanitation care, providing three microwavable meals a day, and providing chit-chat and “companionship”.

The bottom line is that Richie argues this is a “War on the Elderly”, and it is being done on purpose.

In addition to an update on the status of the healthcare industry and the latest developments to what Richie calls the extension of the lucrative foster care industry, there is also an update on Brexit, the JFK Files, and identity politics.

Here’s an update from across the pond: