U.S. Total Public DEBT Has Increased By A Stunning $25 Billion PER DAY In 2020 (So Far)

Americans better become reacquainted with Gold and Silver…

 by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report

Americans better become reacquainted with Gold and Silver.  With the Federal Government adding $25 billion of new debt every day so far this year, at some point, investors are going to lose faith in the U.S. Dollar and U.S. Treasuries.  Just think about that for a minute.  On average, for every working day this year (116 days so far), the U.S. Public Debt has increased by $25 billion.

In just one week, the additional $125 billion of U.S. Public Debt could have purchased all global silver mine supply for the past eight years, nearly 7,000,000,000 oz.  And, in a little less than a month and a half, the increase in U.S. Public Debt would have purchased ALL KNOWN Global Silver Production since 1493… 52,000,000,000+ oz.  This is how insane the whole system has become.

According to the data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve and TreasuryDirect.gov, total U.S. Public Debt increased from $23.2 trillion in Q4 2019 to $26.1 trillion as of June 10th (the figure is $26.065 trillion, but I rounded it up to $26.1 trillion).

So, in less than six months, the total U.S. Federal Debt ballooned by nearly $3 trillion. Now, if we go back and take the annual debt increase for each year and divide it by 250 working days, we have the chart below:

From 2007 to 2019, the average debt increase per day was $4.4 billion.  Take a look at the average increase of U.S. Public Debt so far in 2020.  It sticks out like a sore thumb.. eh?  If we divide $2.9 trillion of new debt by 116 working days in 2020, it comes out to a nice EVEN $25 billion PER DAY… LOL.

Looking back up at the first chart, the debt increase in 2020 doesn’t look that bad until we break it down to DEBT PER DAY.  Then we can see that the U.S. Government has added so much debt in the first half of 2020, the debt increase per day of $25 billion is more than FIVE TIMES the average $4.4 billion per day for 2007-2019.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of Americans, as well as most people throughout the world, no longer understand the value of owning precious metals.  Instead of taking some savings each month and purchasing REAL RETIREMENT ASSETS (Physical Gold & Silver), Americans rather buy more garbage from Walmart or Amazon that they don’t need or the latest Techno-Gadget.  The world has become enamored with the new religion of TECHNOLOGY.

While people are free to worship their religion of choice, technology comes at a considerable cost… and that’s a MASSIVE ENERGY COST.  Thus, when energy becomes problematic, and it now has, so will the new religion of Technology.  This means, wasting funds on more technology will not prepare individuals for what’s coming.

The world is now heading over the ENERGY CLIFF.  The global contagion has sped up the process, but it was going to happen within the next few years, regardless.  Those lucky enough to acquire physical gold and silver, will be in much better shape to RIDE OUT THE COMING FINANCIAL & ECONOMIC STORM than the masses who continue to put their faith in PONZI SCHEME PAPER ASSETS.

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