U.S. Healthcare Workers Wasting Masks & Vital Resources To Value Public Image Over Coronavirus Disease Prevention!

SD Outlook: If Washington is our test ground for the US response to coronavirus, more bodies will burn here than in China…




We’re screwed.

I really don’t know how else to say it, so yeah, I apologize in advance if I feel a little irate this morning.

It’s because I am.

You see, I generally take a break from the news for one day a week, and it’s usually Saturday, so when I tuned back in on Sunday morning, all I could hear or read about were them dang masks, masks, and more masks.

Apparently nobody is prepared in America, from the local organizations to the government overlords, and according to the US Surgeon General, not only does coronavirus know how to differentiate between and a healthcare worker and Average Joe, but it’s also all of Average Joe’s fault with regards to the urine-poor preparedness of the United States:

Yet it sure seems to me there is a super strong message of focusing more on public relations – a.k.a the image being portrayed, than disease prevention and prudent use of scarce medical resources.

Case in point, well, this:

The decision to concoct a haphazard, makeshift human privacy shield was made by somebody.

That person made a horrible decision, and should immediately receive a crash-course in disease prevention, medical resource conservation, and effective medical staff to task allocation.

That is one hot mess right there.


If you thought the number of healthcare workers becoming ill in China was high, just wait until we see the number of healthcare workers getting sick here.

This is the recipe for disaster.

At a very minimum, we don’t know how long the virus can last on inanimate objects, and we don’t even know how it exactly spreads.

But let’s just waste some clean bed sheets, eight precious masks,  and eight worker’s time and energy because it looks better.

And that’s just what’s visible in the picture.

Were there more people involved in this debacle?

If a person or agency is worried about image, here’s what could be done: Put the deceased in body bags, in an isolated area, preferably outside, secure and protected from whether elements, at least 20 meters from the main building, inaccessible except from one side, and then the dead would be out of view from the public, so then the healthcare workers (hazmat team?) could simply wait until the cover of darkness to move the deceased, and if it was a place that was sufficiently out of sight, they wouldn’t even have to wait until darkness to execute the plan.

Regardless, that’s a task which would only require two workers.

Am I a CBRN specialist?


I’m just going off of common sense.

And I’m an idiot.

So if I could do it better, well, let’s just say there’s no excuse for the way it’s being done now.

Nonetheless, if this is what’s to come, then we’re even more screwed than they are in China.

Speaking of which, I’m going to breakdown a sweet video that somehow managed to escape china which shows what life is really like in the city, so do tune-in to Silver Doctors Live today and see what the show is all about because the video shows us some things everybody should know before the coronavirus becomes local, and that’s not even the point of the video, which is why I’m going to break-it down play-by-play.

If you want to know what it’s like going out, getting temperature scans, government tracking, contact with others, store closures, etc, then please do tune-in.

Last week I was focusing mostly on the Dow, but oh my, check out the Russell 2000:

I still don’t think the “markets” are done falling, but it may not be until the end of the week before the reality of the exponential growth in US person-to-person, community spread of coronavirus becomes self-evident, so we could get a bounce in the meantime, but either way, I think there’s still much, much more downside to come.

If so, I’d be expecting even more volatility, especially if any downside selling accelerates:

Sigh of relief today and tomorrow?

Maybe, maybe not, but why anybody has any money in the rigged casino anyway is beyond me.

Yield on the 10-Year Note is nearly 50 basis points below the Fed Funds Rate:

To think, the Fed’s next 2-day FOMC doesn’t conclude until March 18th, so get ready for all of the Fed armchair quarterbacks, apologists, enablers and sympathizers to call on the Fed to cut by 25 basis points pre-FOMC.


America doesn’t need even more Fed monetary policy interventions and 24/7 manipulation of interest rates.

Nor does the Fed need to “do something”.

The Fed needs to be abolished.

Silly dollar bulls, that ain’t no safe-haven:

We didn’t even hit 100 on the DXY!

Of course, we did hit 100 on the gold-to-silver ratio:

Because they fear silver more than anything in the entire world, and they are mad.

I still don’t think we’re going to a 15-handle:

There’s just too much unbacked, debt-based fiat currency sloshing around there.

That said, the lower the silver price goes, the sooner we get to the paper market blowing-up, so heck, i’d like ’em to smash price down to a 14-handle quite frankly.

Can I get a 13?

I Doubt it.

Gold, however, is already back to treading water above $1600:

If we see that explosion in US coronavirus cases by the end of the week that I think we will see, we could see gold explode to the upside too.

Palladium is sitting on $2500 right now:

If the technicals matter, there’s support at $2400.

If gold & silver turn and move higher by this week, I’d expect platinum to do the same:

In the meantime, I am confident that platinum will get a flight to safety bid very soon, especially if gold continues to outperform and more people realize the economy is collapsing in real-time.

Even copper is holding above $2.50:

All of the money printing over the last 10 years is showing us there is indeed a floor in the commodities, so it’s just a question of where is that floor?

Crude oil may not have found that floor just yet:

There’s no doubt that the more coronavirus spreads around the world, the less crude oil will be consumed.

Furthermore, only so much crude oil can be pumped out and stored above ground or in tankers.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Monday at the beginning of March?

If the response in Washington is any indication, we’re gonna feel it worse here.

Amazingly, healthcare workers are valuing image over disease prevention.

What healthcare workers urgently need is some remedial training.

Because this kind of response is wrong in so many ways.

We have a shortage of masks, yet they waste them.

The CDC has discussed hazmat procedures.

But we just saw a total epic fail with that.

Is there a bright side to this at all?

Yes, and it’s “don’t do that”!

It’s only common sense.

But it seems to be?

Well, um, like.





Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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