U.S. Airport Passenger Screening Causes Hours-Long Delays For Thousands, Huge Lines Of People In Close Contact Means One Giant Covid-19 Coronavirus Incubator


I apologize in advance, for this one’s going to be blunt.


If you are planning on “bugging-in”, “sheltering in-place”, “hunkering down”, or whatever the heck you want to call it, then you’d better have done it already.


I’m sure people are doubting themselves and possibly even second guessing themselves.


If today is that “last run to Walmart”, or that “last time we eat out”, or that “last top-off of the gas tank”, or that “last whatever”, don’t freakin’ do it.

There will be a lot less people in this world by the end of the month.

If this Covid-19 is not a hoax, then by the end of April, if not sooner, the healthcare system in the United States will collapse.

I don’t think it’s a hoax.

But I digress.


If you want a fighting chance to be a part of the survivors who rebuild America, then this is not the hot mess what you want to be caught-up in:

That is one giant Covid-19 incubator right there.

No, they’re not smart people getting home “just in time”.

Either by bad luck or by simply being sheeple, those people are putting themselves, their families, and their communities at great risk.

If Covid-19 isn’t in your local or regional area by now, then it’s coming your way.

Thinking the coronavirus isn’t already there is wishful thinking.

Allow me to explain.

Here’s the 3:33 a.m., Sunday, March 15th update of the Johns Hopkins Interactive Map/Tracker:

Supposedly, there are only 26 cases in Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Health website displays the same count:

Twenty six cases.

And why does the State of Ohio matter?

Well, listen to this little truth nugget by the Director of the Ohio Department of Health saying there are probably 100,000 cases in Ohio “today”:

The problem is, she said that on March 12th, three full days ago!

If this bugger doubles every four days, does that mean there will be 200,000 cases tomorrow?

Which brings us back to scenes like this:

That was the scene last night in Chicago.

What’s creating the delays right now and the frantic scramble?

Effective “midnight, Monday night”, the travel ban from Europe will be extended to the UK and Ireland:

American Citizens and Permanent Residents are not currently subject to the ban, however, so in addition to the mad scramble of Americans getting home, rest assured that for whatever reason, foreigners from Europe are bugging-out to the US and trying to get in before the window completely closes.

Interestingly, with what Pence said, it seems Sunday is essentially the last day to come into the country from Europe, because “midnight, Monday night”, although an odd and ambiguous way of saying it, twice even, would imply the very minute after 11:59 p.m. Sunday night, would it not?

Or did the Deep State place somebody with such poor communication skills into the Vice President spot for a reason?


Doesn’t matter.

Regardless, as I wrote about in my Friday Wrap, in my opinion, the time to bug-out has passed.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Sunday on the Ides of March?

It is wishful thinking to think the coronavirus is not yet in your region.

Barely anybody was wearing a mask in those airport videos.

Ironically, those airports will be empty next week.

Look, I don’t know how to say it nicely.

People are making mistakes.

Taking too much risk.

Spreading like?



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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