Tuesday Trump Pump (No Dump?): “Looks like a BIG DAY FOR THE STOCK MARKET”

Trump may not watch the stock market, but nonetheless, it looks like it will be a BIG DAY as May Retail Sales show the “ALL TIME” biggest one month increase…

(by Half Dollar) The May Retail Sales report hit the tape a while ago, and if you believe the Census Bureau, May was a month for the history books:

President Trump is elated!

Following the release of the report:

A look at gold & silver’s 3-minute chart:

Will the cartel smash gold & silver today as is typical of Tuesdays?

Or is the main focus the stock market?

Here’s the question: With unlimited “money” creation, and with the US Treasury in bed with the unaudited and unaccountable Fed via the Exchange Stabilization and other mechanisms, can’t the stock market have any kind of day one so desires?

It’s not magic.

It’s manipulation.

Regardless, we’ll see what happens in the markets today.

Here’s the stock market at the open:

Quite the gap-up indeed!