TRUTH BOMBS AWAY: Mark Dice’s EPIC Truth Bombs About The ‘Roseanne’ Show Cancellation

Mark is dropping some serious truth bombs about the hypocrisy of the MSM and ABC ditching Roseanne because of her “racist” Tweets…

By now most of the world knows that Roseanne Barr Tweeted some things that have made a bunch of people angry, and this, in turn, caused her show to be cancelled by ABC, and even caused Roseanne to apologize, presumably for the Tweets.

We covered the incident in this post yesterday, and noted some of the hypocrisy ourselves in the article (related to George Soros).

Today, Mark Dice has put together a brilliant six minute YouTube video showing just how hypocritical and flat out wrong the liberal, MSM has become.

It is certainly worth a watch because it is not only a very powerful look into the war on truth and the alternative media, but it’s Mark Dice funny too:

And if for some reason you’re not impressed with Mark’s truth bombing campaign on the Roseanne Barr incident, here’s Mark trying to turn on the light bulbs in the heads the ignorant sheeple by offering a free gold coin or a free candy bar to anyone walking by him on the streets of California.

Call it a bonus post within a post to get us through this fine Hump Day:

One thing is certain: We’ve got a ways to go until that light bulb gets turned-on.

But hey, with gold & silver prices this low, that only gives us more time to be well positioned for the inevitable flight to gold & silver.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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