Trump’s ‘Yes’ Woman And (Former) Gold ‘Advocate’ Judy Shelton Finally To Be Confirmed To The Fed?


Editor’s Note: If a reader thinks that President Trump is a “good guy”, if a reader thinks that Judy Shelton is a “gold advocate”, or if a reader thinks both, and if said reader gets offended easily, then the reader should NOT read this opinionated analysis and just click the “back” button instead, which can alternatively be accomplished with the keyboard shortcut “Alt + Left Arrow”.


(by Half Dollar) People change, and for the worse, just like our monetary and fiscal policy have changed.

Gone are the days of honesty, integrity, and selflessness in the realm of public service.

Here are the days of plunder, pillage, and legalized racketeering where more corruption equals more loot.

Most people just don’t get it, but then again, most people actually think we went to the moon, so there’s that.

Nonetheless, people change.

Alan “one-foot-in-the-grave-so-he’s-back-to-telling-the-truth-about-gold-now” Greenspan comes to mind.

Anybody remember Candidate Trump?

He was, ah, nevermind.

What’s the point?


Anybody who reads my articles already knows what I’m about to say, but since Deep State Globalist Judy Shelton is back in the news again, well, I guess I’ve gotta make a bunch of people mad again because the truth hurts.

So be it.

From Bloomberg:

The Senate Banking Committee is preparing to approve the stalled nomination of Judy Shelton to be a member of the Federal Reserve Board next week, according to two Republicans familiar with the planning.

A formal announcement of a committee vote has not been made, and a committee spokeswoman declined to comment Tuesday. The names of Shelton and another Fed nominee, Christopher Waller, were not on the committee’s calendar for consideration next week. Action by the panel would send the nomination to the floor for a confirmation vote by the GOP-controlled Senate.

Judy Shelton may, or may not, get confirmed next week after all, according to two “republicans”, who are not necessarily referred to by Bloomberg as politicians.

Judy Shelton, by the way, refuses to answer questions we’ve asked her over and over via Twitter, which I for one don’t even use anymore, and Judy hasn’t even acknowledged the questions, because that’s what Deep State Globalists do: They do want they want, they do what they’re told, and they have zero accountability to the proles, much less any engagement, lest the Deep State Globalists need useful idiots for something.

But I digress.

Judy Shelton is a Deep State Globalist in Goldbug’s Clothing.

Most goldbugs can’t see it because, well, lets be real here: MOST PEOPLE are sheeple, and a sheep can’t see a wolf in sheep’s clothing either.

Trust the plan!

Uh, okay.

It’s not like you have to do anything anyway, just “trust”, for you just sit back and let Trump take us to the gold & silver Promiseland!

With Judy Shelton riding shotgun!

“4D-Chess” is the trendy moniker for those who don’t understand what’s going on here, and for those who do understand what’s going on here, yet still spew that nonsense, then it’s all about those YouTube views or paid subscriptions, which, arguably, only makes matters worse by giving the people a false sense of hope.



Editor’s Note: See our Judy Shelton tag to see why Judy Shelton is not the “gold advocate” people think she is.