Time Is Running Out: Govt Shutdown Will Last “A Very Long Time” If Dems Vote ‘No’ On The Wall

The House passed a spending bill with funding for the Wall. The ball is in the Senate’s court now, and the clock is ticking down. Here’s an update…

from Zero Hedge

One day after the House passed a spending bill that included $5.7 billion in funding for the president’s border wall (over the objections of Nancy Pelosi, who famously declared during last week’s contentious meeting with the president that the votes simply weren’t there), President Trump, who is insisting that he won’t sign a spending bill unless it includes funding for his border wall (after briefly ‘caving’ on the wall fight earlier this week), tweeted this morning to urge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to fight for the border wall “as hard as he fought for anything”.

After the spending bill passed the House, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer insisted that it wouldn’t pass the Senate. Trump wants McConnell to change that.

The president also took a swipe at intransigent Dems who insist that his border wall won’t effectively reduce illegal migration (citing the old ’31-foot-ladder’ argument), with Trump insisting that “it’s like the wheel, there is nothing better.” He also once again cited Israel’s walls along Palestinian territory, which Trump claimed are “99.9% successful.”

But regardless of what happens in the Senate, Trump wants Republicans in the House to know that he’s “very proud” of them and their accomplishments in passing the bill.

Because even Ronald Reagan tried and failed to build a border wall.

If Democrats vote no on the wall (and yes for open borders and crime) Trump warned there will be a shut down that will last “for a very long time.”

And as if it wasn’t clear enough already…

If nothing else, more denizens of the Washington media sphere are accepting that – if nothing else – at least that much is true.