Trump Wanted To Get Economic Impact Payments To The People In August…In October, Trump Takes Them Off The Table

Hey Joe Deplorable: Thought Trump had your back with some more free money? Well, unless you’re a Hedge Fund or an Airline CEO, there’s not enough!

(by Half Dollar) Trump wanted to get the next round of Economic Impact Payments out in August.

But don’t take ‘Ol Half Dollar’s word for it, here it from Stevie Boy himself back in July (video will play at the correct timestamp):

Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

In fact, fast forward to yesterday, and President Trump has called off the negotiations entirely:

It’s funny too, because supposed influential traders on Twitter are like, “Hey dudes, an alternate headline of this news would be, like, ‘Trump Offered $1.6 Trillion Stimulus, Dems Refused’!”.

It’s funny, you know, in a still-drunk-on-the-Trump-Kool-Aid kind of way.

Because another alternate headline for what Trump did could have just as easily been “Vote Democrat in November For A Bigger Stimulus and More Economic Impact Payments”.

But I digress.

Trump’s late Tuesday afternoon Tweet caused instant chaos in the markets.

And as the dust settled and the reality kicked in, Trump made yet another move, or another flip-flop, or another whatever:

So, the negotiations are off, but he’ll still sign a deal, immediately?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you don’t get it man, for President Donald J. Trump is ‘The Worldwide Undisputed Grand 4-D Chess Master Champion MVP of All Time’, and he’s engaging in strategic negotiations that you’re just too stupid to understand!”.

Oh, geez.

Here we go with that again.

While it’s true that I can’t even play checkers, I’m pretty sure that directly mentioning “Airline Payroll Support” and directly mentioning “Paycheck Protection Program” all the while not even mentioning the Economic Impact Payments equates to a low blow to Joe Deplorable.

Because it’s not like he hasn’t bragged and boasted about the Economic Impact Payments before:

I mean, he even put his Donald Trump on the checks!

“Donald Trump” is the new “John Hancock”, you know.

However, according to the Tweet that Trump fired off at 9:54 p.m. on October 6, 2020, it’s “no soup for you!”.

Shameless plug time: Last week, Rob Kirby and I discussed, among other things, the fact that whenever there’s a natural disaster, the Federal government always has plenty of money to go around, or whenever we want to stand up a Space Force to fight space aliens in outer space, there’s always plenty of money for that, and whenever we want to invade, drone strike, bomb or otherwise obliterate some Foe du Jour, there’s always plenty of money for that too, but when it come to money for the Red Hats and even the Lunatic Left, well, money’s tight:

Ironic how that works out, isn’t it?

Which brings me to my overall point, and I’ll ask it as a question: How is any of this flip-flopping and uncertainty about how much, or how much more, unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on unsustainable, exponential growth will be created out of thin air exactly bad for gold & silver?

Sure, it’s a rhetorical question, but I’ll go ahead and spoil it for you: It’s not.